Remedy is a very powerful enterprise software product and has been one of the widely used IT Services Management suites for a long time now. But, given the recent trends at enterprises towards making investments in employee productivity tools like MS Outlook and collaboration tools like SharePoint, there is a real need to expose key data points in Remedy through these tools to provide a unified, structured experience to the user. iLink’s connector framework represents one such rich, powerful and complete solution that delivers the power of Remedy through SharePoint 2013 Web parts, SQL server 2012 reporting services, and MS Outlook plug in capability.

Architectural Overview - SharePoint Connector


Key features of the Remedy connector framework:

  • Enables quick, easy and customizable access to Incident report details. The outlook connector seamlessly integrates with the default Task List and Calendar components of Outlook.
  • Enables access to analytics and reporting data on technician performance, incident trends and incident management SLA metrics.
  • Enables creation and management of trouble tickets within SharePoint or Outlook through a familiar user experience.
  • Helps overcome latency between Help desk and end users by supporting efficient searching for trouble tickets and incidents by key attributes from within SharePoint or Outlook.

iLink connector framework can help you:

  • Enhances the presentation of Remedy data through SharePoint, XAML, and Outlook and Power Viewer components.
  • Exposes key Remedy services and functions through native web service APIs.
  • Fits neatly into your enterprise SharePoint strategy, enabling management of key Remedy services (like ticketing, rich reporting) under one roof.
  • The outlook connector helps to bring Remedy services into the familiar MS Outlook interface.
  • Lends itself easily to customizations that are tailored to your specific business needs.
  • Reduce your costs to build and maintain new features and train users.

Why SharePoint?

  • Delivers best enterprise-class productivity experience within a unified infrastructure.
  • Serves as a single stop enterprise portal for all critical business services.
  • Reduces costs by consolidating intranet, extranet and internet sites on a single platform.
  • Provides ample scope to develop custom solutions to respond quickly to changing business needs.

ROI Gains

Productivity gains

  • UI features and integration with familiar productivity tools like SharePoint and Outlook can boost employee productivity up to 20% since.
  • Less time is needed by user to ramp up on SharePoint UI as the look and feel is standard and instantly recognizable.
  • It is easy to build a collaboration environment (that includes Outlook mail, Dynamic CRM etc) with a SharePoint set-up much more quickly than with Remedy alone.

Cost of ownership: 

  • Cost savings of up to 20-25% may easily be realized because:
    • Need for expensive Remedy consultants is obviated.
    • The overall enterprise “support and maintenance” footprint is minimized since most of the Remedy feature set and functionality can be managed through SharePoint and Outlook interface.

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