Indoor Asset Tracking

What is Indoor Asset Tracking?

  • IAT utilizes IoT Technology to track products, people, or things throughout a network. Simply place a beacon on the object of your choice and seamlessly track its location throughout a virtual grid in real-time.  
  • Gateways are placed strategically throughout a facility, and the asset is tracked based on its distance between the beacons and its exact location can be identified.  

Market Segments & Industries

  • Pet Tracking – Animals can unintentionally roam around spaces like boarding rooms and hospitals.
  • Patient Tracking – Maintain safety for residents in retirement and psychiatric facilities.
  • Inventory Tracking – High value and critical inventory tracking can be done with tagging beacons.
  • People Tracking – Small children in schools, employees on a shop floor and visitors within a large enterprise.

Value Proposition

  • iLink offers various IoT Capabilities including device management, IoT strategy, event processing, IoT Middleware, real-time analytics, data aggregation, edge analytics, and notification management.  


  • iLink utilized BLE technology combined with a core framework to optimize the entire process of managing assets. 
  • This solution provides real-time tracking in addition to generating data for analysis to identify opportunities to drive revenue and meaningful ROI.