Transform customer experiences to stay relevant with the digital future.

Solve 21st Century Banking Challenges

Rarely has an industry faced so many challenges as the banking industry. These include:

  • Regulatory changes in the US and European regions
  • Fierce competition to attract new customers
  • Push from new entrants to constantly innovate and enhance customer experience
  • Managing data security and compliance

Digital Transformation is changing the way financial and capital markets operate. From over a decade, iLink has been helping banking and financial services clients solve the toughest problems in the industry.

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Segments We Serve

Retail banking

We help your organization gain competitive edge by transforming the customer experience with efficient operations and payment processes.

Corporate banking

Corporate banking industry is being transformed by digitization. Our experts will help your organization reinvent the customer journeys, optimize process and define a new digital path.


We help your organization increase throughput and improve risk and fraud management.

Investment banking

We help you address regulatory, efficiency and operational issues – across the front, middle and back offices.

Wealth management

We offer solutions that helps you realize digital future of investments.

Governance, risk and compliance

We help you understand the regulatory changes impact to your organization and implement the changes to become compliant.

Our Solutions Include

AI powered Intelligent Virtual Agent

Transition from traditional IVR based customer service to an AI powered Intelligent Virtual Agent that can provide the first level of support. Achieve up to 30% reduction in operational expenses and improved customer experience with a smart assistant handling customer queries, 24×7.

Robotic Process Automation

We offer RPA solutions that automates processes to reduces manual errors and process work end-to-end, faster and easier. Enhance regulatory compliance, get deeper insights and scale operations, while keeping your IT systems untouched.