Digit Marketing- Customer Communication Management

Manage sales and customer communications offering campaign is paramount for effective customer communication. iLink offers customer communication management in the digital marketing realm. This offering designed for effective telecommunication and media offering campaign. Customer communication management includes.

Message and Campaign

  • Send message/campaign to customers.
  • Dynamic ability to change marketing and sales content.
  • Consistent messaging and branding capability.
  • Formatting capability.
  • Message and delivery standardization.
  • Can include all kinds of content including videos.
  • Demos, images, and PDFs.
  • Large attachment support.
  • Legal compliance.
  • Lead nurture and control of communication.
  • Send message/campaign to customers based of time.
  • Clear and uniform communication.
  • Marketing control and compliance.

Content Management and messaging problems

  • Sellers can share email templates and best practices with other sellers.
  • Sales and Marketing work together to improve sales effectiveness.
  • Think digital brochures that talk, show, listen and report back.

Tracking & Analytics

  • Logging and tracking of customer communication.
  • Identify patterns to promote effective campaigns.
  • Effectively manage customer communication based of facts.