Digital Marketing – Asset Management

Telecommunication and Media companies are spending a lot of time trying to keep track of their assets. iLink offers traditional asset management in the digital marketing realm. This offering helps telecommunication and media companies to manage and centralize digital assets related to OEM device or mobile phone, mobile OS screens, OEM manuals, frequently asked questions, applications, application manuals, images, etc.

This offering features intuitive search UI and easy to use administrative functions in order to manage the assets, user and security. For example, access to files can be limited to certain groups or individuals. Files can also be locked or make them editable from the administration dashboard. This offering includes,

  • Centralized creative assets library
  • OS screen, device & application/games assets via one tool
  • Globally accessible
  • Extensibility for multiple large files
  • Easily search, select and download
  • Application marketing place and application store integration
  • Eliminate duplicate asset development