Fault Management

Fault management in a telecommunications network involves detecting, isolating and correcting faults in the network. iLink’s fault management solution is cost effective system that helps maintain infrastructure availability at higher percentage. This offering can easily be extended to monitor cable, media network and other companies in the communication sector realm.

Fault management can be either passive as well as active. Passive fault monitoring involves monitoring for alarms when the network elements are not performing correctly. Active fault monitoring involves monitoring the alarms regardless of the status.

iLink’s Fault Management solution comprises of Ticket Management and Incident Management. Ticket management in a telecommunication network is related to identifying, detecting and correcting any network issues. iLink’s ticket management solution provides the following capabilities.

  • Alarm generation
  • Alarm to ticket creation
  • Ticket assignment
  • Ticket work and resolution
  • Ticket closure
  • Ticket archiving

Incidents are issues that have significant customer impact. The main goal of Incident management is to restore service as soon as possible with minimal impact to customers. The main aspects of iLink’s incident management solution include:

  • Incident identification
  • Incident categorization
  • Investigation
  • Diagnosis and resolution
  • Incident communication management