Mobility solutions – Communication sector

Communication sector organizations have strategic interest in growing the use of smartphones in order to gain quick access to critical information when there is no access to desktop.

Mobile Publishing solutions:

With mobile access people can feed their need for information 24×7 from wherever they happen to be. It’s no surprise that smartphones — which Gartner predicts by 2013 will overtake PCs as the most popular way to access the web — are quite frequently used to access news and periodicals. Publishers can capture the loyalty of mobile news consumers – and avoid being replaced by mobile-friendly competitors – by investing in the right mobile publishing solutions.

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Field Force Mobility Solutions Mobile field workers frequently need rapid access to the right information to be efficient. But until recently field work meant reduced or no access to information from their offices and significant lag times for both obtaining and processing work orders. Field workers were required to return to their offices relatively often, thus reducing their productivity and limiting their time in the field. And paper-based processes commonly caused duplication of effort and avoidable transcription errors.

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