Network Functions Virtualization

Network Functions Virtualization aims to transform the way that network operators architect networks by evolving standard IT virtualization technology to consolidate many network equipment types onto industry standard high volume servers, switches and storage. Implementation of network functions in software that can run on a range of industry standard server hardware, and that can be moved to, or instantiated in, various locations in the network as required. Network Functions Virtualization is applicable to any data plane packet processing and control plane function in fixed and mobile network infrastructures.

NFV High Level Architecture & Scope:


iLink Expertise and Solutions:

There are a number of challenges to implement Network Functions Virtualization which need to be addressed by the community interested in accelerating progress. iLink’s early involvement with NFV development & implementation will make it one of the dominant partners in the industry. Currently, iLink is collaborating with a known partner in the development of Management & Orchestration (MANO) layer. This layer will support following sub-layers& functionalities.

NFV Orchestrator (NFVO):

  • On-boarding of new Network Service (NS), VNF-FG and VNF Packages.
  • NS lifecycle management (including instantiation, scale-out/in, performance measurements, event correlation, termination).
  • Sends resource related requests: authorization, reservation, allocation by VNG manager.
  • Send configuration info to VNF Manager.
  • Global resource management, validation and authorization of NFVI resource requests.
  • Policy management for NS instances.
  • Ensuring the appropriate level of resilience to hardware and software failures.
  • Automated Scalability & Resiliency

VNF Manager:

  • Lifecycle management of VNF instances – instantiation, update, query, scaling, and termination.
  • Collect state info on VNF for life cycle management.
  • Overall coordination and adaptation role for configuration and event.
  • Reporting between NFVI and the E/NMS.

Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM):

  • Control & manage interaction of VNF with computing, hypervisor, storage, and network resources within one operator’s infrastructure sub-domain.
  • Visibility into and management of NFV infrastructure.
  • Root Cause Analysis of Infrastructure collection and forwarding of performance measurements and events.
  • Collection of infrastructure fault information, capacity planning, monitoring & optimization.

iLink will also support VNF to VNF integration and integration of MANO layer with OSS/BSS systems including OSS/BSS development needs to move to a model in-line with Network Functions Virtualization. Proper integration of multiple virtual appliances from different vendors will allow Network operators need to be able to “mix & match” hardware from different vendors, hypervisors from different vendors and virtual appliances from different vendors without incurring significant integration costs and avoiding lock-in.

iLink’s future plan is to build & implement a suite of systems to support all leading use cases in the NFV domain.

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  • Sathish Deivasigamani Sathish Deivasigamani
    Principal Director, Cloud Practice at iLink Systems


    Sathish is a entrepreneurial and senior hands-on executive with 14+ years of proven track record implementing IT innovation and cloud transformation projects that has won awards. Sathish is responsible for iLink’s Cloud Practice and he has an master’s degree in Computer Applications. 

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    Strategist – Cloud Solutions at Microsoft


    Sriram Ganapathy is a Technical Specialist with Microsoft. He has been with Microsoft for 17+ years and has held a variety of roles including solution sales, technical and partner sales, services, support and consulting. During his tenure at Microsoft, his focus has been on the Microsoft Data platform technologies. Sriram is based in Dallas and is focused on providing technology and solution guidance to customers in the US central region in SQL Server, Azure, Big Data, Advanced Analytics and related technologies. 

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    Abhi Vantaram
    Director, iLink Systems

    Abhi has over ten years of experience working on an array of strategic planning, technology assessment, internet infrastructure, software architecture, development and implementation projects. He has over 6 years of experience in working on Environmental applications including Compliance, EMS, Sustainability, Haz Waste, Haz Mat, Conservation, NEPA, etc. He has worked with several fortune 500 clients, startups and product companies, as well as Federal, State & Local, Global Government. He has managed large teams, developed and delivered multiple enterprise solutions. He is well versed and has experience working with both Java/Oracle and Microsoft based technologies.

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    Manigandan Gopalakrishnan
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    Mani has over 21 years of IT Solution and Services Sales experience across verticals such as Financial Services, Communications, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, CPG etc. He has worked with iLink for over 7 years, is based out of NJ and currently heads Sales, Business Development, Microsoft Alliance and Marketing for North East, most of the states in North Central (East and West), Mid Atlantic and WV.

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    Mr. Parihar, with over 15 years of experience, has overall responsibility for the strategy and business development, including sales and marketing, of the Central region. Mr. Parihar holds a Master degree in Wireless Communication from the University of British Columbia and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Darden School of Business, University of Virginia.


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    CTO & EVP, iLink Systems


    Piyush is a senior hands-on executive with 18+ years of proven track record driving IT innovation and transformation projects. He is a collaborative and inclusive leader who gets in front of problems and leads by example working with cross-functional worldwide teams, customers and partners. Piyush is responsible for iLink’s technical readiness and frameworks implementation to meet customer expectations in ever changing technology landscape. He also participates in various user groups, meet ups and is a featured speaker at various events organized by iLink and Microsoft. Piyush has an undergraduate degree from IIT Dhanbad, a masters degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from University of Texas in Austin. When not coding or learning new technologies, he enjoys reading and trying out new musical instruments.

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