In this modern era, educational institutions around the world, be it universities, colleges, schools, online education providers, training centers or other educational entities, are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the quality of educational outcomes, take learning across the boundaries and bring learning to life for students. As technology is changing the traditional methods of learning, training and classroom experience, educators are exploring new facets for student advancement and ways to help them develop 21st century skillsets. iLink Systems, a specialized educational software solution provider, has been helping educational institutions transform, modernize and reap the benefits of the digital age by delivering next -generation solutions around teaching and e-learning; web portals and communities; content management and knowledge sharing; analytics and business management, research and information management; and other custom education applications.

Our offerings for Educational Institutions include:


E-learning solutions:

iLink offers custom E-learning software and solutions to enable institutions take learning across the boundaries where people want to learn. Our e-learning solutions feature real-time collaboration, effective curriculum management, excellent reporting capabilities and more. Our solutions help students use online content in additional to textbooks, advance education and attend classes in web from anywhere through conferencing, video, VOIP and many other media.

Windows 10 Education app development:

As a Windows 10 Go-To partner, iLink provides Windows 10 solutions to help Schools, Colleges and other educational institutions improve their educational outcomes and bring learning to life for students by delivering uniform learning experience across all devices including tablets, laptops, smartphones and desktops. Windows 10 provides several innovative features that help both students and educators consume and upload content, share, connect and collaborate, and even create presentations from anywhere using any device.


Intranet and Web portals:

iLink offers intranet and web portals using the technologies that you may already have like SharePoint 2013/2010/2007, Office 365 and Windows Server etc to help schools, colleges, universities and other academic institutions create a common gateway to the data and services that people need to effectively share information and work together. Using iLink’s portal solutions you can

  • Share and record grades with students electronically
  • Create online communities for faculty, students, administrators, alumni and parents
  • Role based access to institution’s resources anywhere from any connected devices
  • Dashboards to view the performance of students
  • Provide Web-based class registration, tuition and financial aid payments, and other services
  • Post coursework, schedules, plans, research content and more to online libraries

Online Communities:

iLink provides Community Development Solutions for Educational organizations in the form of Blogs, Discussion Forums, Wikis and Polls. iLink has expertise in developing such solutions for Universities, Schools and Online Education providers. The solutions involve customization and tight integration of the Community Features into your existing systems, thereby deriving maximum value for your organization and end users of these services.

  • Creates a platform for Teacher, Students, Parents and Administrators to exchange information effectively
  • Enables your target users to interact, share best practices and create original content
  • Helps build brand awareness through open communication with users
  • Helps obtain direct and immediate feedback on your services
  • Creates vast knowledge base of problems and solutions
  • Easily adaptable and customizable for existing systems
  • Means of self-help for the end-users
  • Extend service reach and maintain a competitive edge

Mobility Solutions:

As smart phones and tablets are re-defining learning and breaking boundaries, iLink provides powerful mobility solutions for educational and training institutions on several platforms including Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and more. Our solutions for them vary from creating e-learning courses, surveys, schedules, lesson plans, and dashboards to mobile community.

Business Intelligence Solutions:

iLink provides custom BI solutions and dashboards to empower administrators, faculty and staff make right decision to improve institutional effectiveness using the familiar tools like web browser, Microsoft excel, SharePoint 2013/2010/2007, O365 and Outlook. Our solutions help increase student performance, meet enrollment goals, and manage recruitment and retention.


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