iLink Systems is an environmentally conscious company and tries to meet its socio-ecological responsibilities and environmental legal obligations. iLink’s motive is to provide ‘Business Solutions using Bleeding Edge Technology’ in order to automate key business processes and solve key business problems faced by environmental programs at large commercial as well as government organizations.

Environmental Offerings:

EMS Systems

iLink’s IT service expertise in EMS and ESOH Compliance, Audit and Budgeting solutions will address

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ESOH Audit, Compliance and Tracking System

Not many available solutions cater to an organization’s specific

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Environmental Mobility Solutions

Most Environmental and Safety assessments in the

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Environmental & Funding Workflow System

Many environmental and safety corrective and preventive

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Hazardous Waste Disposal and Tracking System

The Environmental Divisions of the various Federal, State, Local

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Real Property/Inventory System for EMS/ESOH

iLink’s IT service expertise in EMS and ESOH Compliance,

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Integrated Environmental Suite on SOA Platform

In general for any Organization involved in the domain, the

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Environment Portal Registration

IT Implementation, Integration and Plateau’s COTS product

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iLink has partnered with Plateau and has successfully used Plateau’s Environmental Management Suite including their flagship Assessment Manager and Web Hosted Assessment Manager (WHAM) to implement these IT solutions. iLink teams have worked extensively on Plateau’s product suite and have experience in implementing the products and solutions at several large organizations.

iLink has proven experience and expertise in building cutting edge and unique EMS and ESOH audit, compliance and budgeting IT solutions. iLink has also built IT systems and has proven expertise in the area of Hazardous waste disposal automation and tracking, Environmental Mobility solutions, Natural Resources Metrics Tracking and real property/inventory management and planning systems. iLink has a mature SOA capability and has experience developing integration and inter-compatibility/operatibility platforms for integrating different disparate systems using SOA for easier, cost effective deployments and faster ROI.

Our Environmental IT Services and Expertise

The following are some of the areas in the Environmental domain iLink teams have expertise in implementing IT Systems and solutions:

  • Software systems to automate EMS & ESOH Audit, Compliance and Budgeting for implementing:
    • ISO 14001:2004
    • Executive Order 13423
    • Army Regulation 200-1
  • Compliance & EMS Audit and tracking systems for covering environmental regulations:
    • Environmental Assessment and Management (TEAM) Guide, State and Local Supplements
    • OSHA
    • Code of Federal Regulations(CFR)
    • Regulations on all EPA regulated programs
    • Other electronically available Organization, Industry or Program specific regulations
  • Integrated facility/ organization real property within EMS system
  • Integrated Reporting, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and Goal/Success metrics
  • Other value added software/tools/features

Why iLink?

iLink has proven past performance track record in using cutting edge technologies from Microsoft, Sun Java, Oracle and other technologies to build and implement large enterprise systems that help Organizations to plan a successful, long-term environmental compliance strategy.

iLink expertise coupled with Plateau’s COTS Environmental Management Product Suite provides a quick and cost effective mechanism to deploy and make operational a proven system that has been adopted and has successfully been used to automate the Environmental Programs at several large organizations.

iLiink’s recommended key initiatives are – adopting organizational approaches that encourage compliance, measuring compliance performance more frequently, and using appropriate enabling IT technologies to support personnel in making the right compliance choices at the right times.

iLink analyses, recommends and then in full consultation with clients lays out detailed plans and steps for implementing a strategy and IT solution for compliance

Case Studies


Environmental Audit & Compliance Tracking System

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Hazardous Waste Disposal Automation And Tracking System

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Services Layer(SOA) - Service Oriented Architecture

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Environmental Budget Tracking System

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Mobile Applications

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