EMS Systems

Business Situation and Challenge

iLink’s IT service expertise in EMS and ESOH Compliance, Audit and Budgeting solutions will address the following:

  • What/where to assess-schedule and scope?
  • How to audit/assess?
  • How to track assessments?
  • How to track compliance actions?
  • How to have a continually improving EMS system- closing the loop?

iLink IT Service Capabilities

What/where to assess – schedule and scope?

Real property/Site/inventory/issues management sub-system IT Solutions that keep track of locations of agency property/operations and in combination with Plateau’s Assessment Compliance tracking system provides reports which can be used to plan a risk-based assessment/audit scheduling and scoping model.

How to assess?

Assessment tools

Customizing Plateau’s Standalone field assessment tool with built in regulations and locations
Customizing Plateau’s Online audit tool with built in regulations and locations

How to track assessments? How to track compliance actions?

Environmental Audit/Assessment tracking system

The assessment tracking system is able to take the assessment data from the assessment tools and enable a review process based on the SOP of the client agency. Once the review process is complete, for each finding/issue in an assessment, the responsible personnel suggests/takes some corrective and preventive actions. The implementation of these actions is an ongoing process and the responsible branch updates the status (open’, ‘under resolution’ and ‘resolved’).

How to have a continually improving EMS system- closing the loop?

iLink’s IT Solutions to help better Environmental Program Management

Findings for which fund requests have been approved can be tracked down to completion. Reports, KPI’s, Metrics and Business Intelligence help with the following

  • Gauging overall performance and progress
  • Defining areas of improvement
  • From the existing records, the progress of the corrective/preventive actions, and the frequency of certain violations and status of funded requests can be generated to help with the planning of next assessments and projects.

A comprehensive document management system, automated email notifications and BI capability to track plans against implementations provides a complete solution. Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and platform helps in easy and non-evasive integration with other systems and increases productivity and efficiency.

Representative Technologies Used

  • User Interface tier: Static HTML, JavaScript, ASP .NET pages, Microsoft Windows Mobile 1.1 and 2.0 platform;
  • Middle Tier Design: Code behind pages coded in C#, VB, ASP, Java
  • Data Tier Design: Microsoft .NET Application Blocks, Stored procedures, Views and Tables on MS SQL Server (MSDE, 2005, express), MS Access
  • Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, BizTalk (SOA), Windows Workflow, Win CF
  • Reports: MS SQL Server Reporting Services 2005, BO (Crystal Reports)
  • Others: VC++, Install Shield, Other tools and APIs

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