Environmental Audit & Compliance Tracking System

Business Problem

iLink developed the Environmental Assessment Tracking System (EATS) platform for Plateau to assist environmental program managers excel in meeting regulatory requirements through continual improvement by minimizing environmental impacts while allowing business to focus on their mission and vision. The purpose of the solution is to assist the organizations in achieving, maintaining, and monitoring compliance with Federal, state, and local environmental regulations while building cost effective systems. iLink Systems has created the following software applications under the EATS Compliance and EMS platform:

  •     Windows based Field Assessment tool(Plateau’s Assessment Manager)
  •     Web based compliance and assessment tracking (Plateau’s WHAM)
  •     Real Property/Site/Facility and Inventory management System( specific for EMS needs)
  •     Mobile assessment and compliance monitoring – Mobile Assessments tools

iLink Approach

iLink has analyzed and automated most of the business process related to assessment handling, tracking and compliance for Environmental Compliance and EMS programs. The above software pieces have been designed for specific stages in whole business process and integrate together to form a complete solution. All software is built in MS.NET 2.0 and SQL 2012/2008/2005 and with extensible web service interfaces and integrates with each other and external systems using Microsoft’s SOA standard (BizTalk).

iLink Solution

iLink comprehensively analyzed the problem and partnered with Plateau to create a team of domain experts, systems designers and architects and software developers; ilink used a two pronged approach to device specific solutions as well as a complete solution:

  •     dedicated teams for understanding and analyzing specific stages of the business processes – pre-assessment and planning stage, Assessment/Audit process, review, approval and corrective actions process, funding and tracking (reporting and success/performance metrics)
  •     dedicated a team for system architects and designers for design of a complete integration platform that supports incremental additions of specific solutions as well as a fully integrated solution

Business Value

  •     Automates pre-assessment and planning phase – reports and KPI’s, risk model reports
  •     Automates assessment & its business process – Field assessment tool
  •     Automates post-assessment phase – EATS
  •     Automates internal assessment, tracking and Corrective/Preventive action planning &implementation – Mobile applications
  •     Utilizes proven tools which meet all Federal, State and Local regulations – Automated periodic updates of ‘applicable’ environmental regulations

Field Assessment Tool features

  •     Stand-alone Environmental Compliance (and EMS) Audit tool for laptops and tablet PCs
  •     Library of regulatory guidelines – Federal, State, local environmental and OSHA
  •     Structured database of all agency facilities (agency real property)
  •     Self-guided step-by-step process of creating Audit projects and findings within projects
  •     Ability to merge audit data from multiple locations
  •     Reporting capability for easy review of audit data

WEB Based Environmental Management Portal features

End-to-end Web-based tool for Assessment & Compliance tracking; Post-assessment reporting and business intelligence facilitating continual improvement


  •     Automated imports of Assessment data from Field Assessment Tool and project creation
  •     Online administration for program managers – role, time-line assignments, project and documentation management
  •     Online findings (Web version of Field audit tool with embedded EMS finding capabilities in addition to environmental compliance meant for round-the-year Internal assessment by environmental staff/contractors)
  •     Mobile applications suite for Corrective actions implementation audit and tracking by environmental staff and external auditors


  •     Finding (Env. issues) review process
  •     Customizable user roles, interfaces and business process implementation
  •     Expanded reporting capabilities
  •     Canned reports which fit all standard needs for various positions
  •     User Configurable reporting capability (ad-hoc reports)
  •     Automated email notifications and task management
  •     Built-in DMS (document management system)

Technology Used

  •     User Interface tier: Static HTML, JavaScript, ASP .NET pages, Microsoft Windows Mobile 1.1 and 2.0 platform;
  •     Middle Tier Design: Code behind pages coded in C#, VB, ASP, Java
  •     Data Tier Design: Microsoft .NET Application Blocks, Stored procedures, Views and Tables on MS SQL Server (MSDE, 2012/2008/2005, express), MS Access
  •     Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, BizTalk (SOA), Windows Workflow, Win CF
  •     Reports: MS SQL Server Reporting Services 2005, BO (Crystal Reports)
  •     Others: VC++, Install Shield, Other tools and APIs