Service Oriented Architecture

Business Scenario

In general for any Organization involved in the domain, the Environmental Compliance and EMS applications are composed of the several applications which have been developed using various technologies; solve different business problems, interface with various other systems and are in various stages of their individual life cycles.

iLink helped its partner company to solve the above problem for it’s environmental products and services .The client’s software systems were developed during the time when internet and web-applications were still evolving while others were very new and still in the early states of their deployment. Some applications were developed in ad-hoc mode to fit the changing business needs. The clients needed to use data sources from other divisions and in-turn acted as a data-source for a few external systems. Some portions of the integration were carried out by sharing database files asynchronously. To summarize, the challenges faced by the client includes, but not limited to:

  •   Systems developed using retro-technologies and were developed without room for scalability and extensibility.
  •     Disparate Technologies
  •     Asynchronous data sharing with manual tasks
  •     High dependency on external data-sources and multiple instances of external references
  •     New applications developed by other divisions which more often than not have integration needs with the clients’ applications

Because of the existing integration problems between disparate systems and also due to newer integration needs (like above), the client decided to ease the path to reaching a complete solution by following a SOA based integration approach and plan laid out by iLink-Systems.

iLink Contribution

  •     iLink invested the first phase to study and document the current business processes and identified the current and future integration requirements
  •     iLink also recommended some business process modifications after thorough consultation and understanding of the business goals with the client
  •     based on the studies, business ontology and top-down business modeling were performed for the Environmental Compliance and EMS business domain
  •     a service based architecture was implement in the form of a central service layer and service agents for all integration and interface needs for all applications using non-evasive best SOA practices

iLink Solution

iLink and its partner built a team of functional and technical experts who analyzed, re-designed and developed an enterprise system out of several autonomous systems. One of the key achievements was meeting the very difficult requirements of 0% down-time/data loss because of the mission critical/essential nature of existing applications for some of Plateau’s end customer’s agencies.

Business Value

  •     Development was phased in incremental steps to negates the need for upfront huge investment
  •     Comprehensive analysis and planning but phased implementation resulted in less investment and more ROI, time for ROI was also phased and reduced for individual systems
  •     Client in now in conformance with current as well as upcoming required standards
  •     Non-invasive approach preserved most of the existing software and code
  •     Most hidden bottlenecks which would have loomed up in the future were revealed and appropriate preventive/corrective measures are underway


  •     User Interface tier: Static HTML, JS and ASP .NET pages
  •     Middle Tier Design: BizTalk, web-services/xml/Code behind pages coded in C#
  •     Data Tier Design: Microsoft .NET Application Blocks, MS SQL Server 2012/2008/2005, SSIS, Analysis services
  •     Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

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