Customer Acquisition and Retention

Customer Acquisition and Retention is the one of the principal challenges in Financial Services Industry.  Questionable Mortgage Lending, Government bailouts, New Fees being implemented for basic services are causing erosion in trust and loyalty of customers. It is imperative to retain existing customers whilst adding new customers. Companies therefore need to service their existing customers to avoid attrition.

Fiind Product from iLink’s partner Fiind, Inc helps organizations get up-to-date rich customer intelligence by automating hundreds of smart signals from various sources such as public data, social data from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. along with various third party data and uses predictive algorithms to identify likely to buy customers. Key features include

  • DATA ACQUISITION: Gather and integrate signals from 100’s of sources through pluggable connectors.
  • EXPANDED PROFILE: Provide an expanded view of the prospect by combining external and internal data.
  • CUSTOMER SCORING: Cluster and Score the customers for opportunities based on the likelihood to buy.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Best in class match algorithms with capability to ingest fast and high volume data.

The Fiind Platform (a Predictive Analytics based Smart Prospecting and Marketing Platform) offers 360 view of your business – customer profiles, upsell, cross sell possibilities, analytics, insights, ability to track your marketing campaigns etc. comprises of the following apps:

  • A Customer 360 app
  • A Smart Signals app
  • A Recommendation engine for Sales and Marketing

Our Fiind (Predictive Analytics based) Smart Prospecting and Marketing Platform can offer your sales and marketing a 360 degree view of your business by collating your CRM data with any publicly available bureau data, social data and any data from third party providers like Equifax or Nielsen etc.  This could provide you a 360 degree view of your customers, value insights into what your sales can up sell and cross sell to your customers and insights into what campaigns your marketing can run and how they can be tracked in a better fashion

Following are some of the Fiind customers who are currently implementing Fiind to augment their Sales and Marketing:

  • A top 10 bank is deploying our customer 360 solution where right customer profiles are developed by combining customer data across social, transactional and bureau data.
  • A leading technology data warehouse as a service provider tested the solutions for TBs of volumes.
  • A leading integrated business planning solutions provider is deploying smart signals solution for access to customer intelligence with leading indicators to buy.

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