Disaster & Emergency Response

In any emergency situations, be it natural or man-made, “time” is of paramount importance and is usually the most critical factor. For years, coordination during disaster situations involved phone calls, faxes, e-mails and reams of paper. In extreme time sensitive situations such as these, these are not fast enough ways to coordinate and collaborate, to be able to gain on “that” extra few minutes or hours and assist in making truly informed decisions, and making a bigger impact in the relief/response efforts. Additionally, responses such as these also often require proper collaboration with globally spread teams. This calls and demands for a platform that can provide a true close-to-real-time common operational picture with integrated communication abilities regardless of who the response team member is, and where he/she is.

To address these challenges iLink has come up with a cutting edge streamlined solution – Disaster & Emergency Response Management system.

iLink’s Disaster & Emergency Response Management system allows emergency responders and managers to share and update information instantly during critical events. This solution provides your leaders with accurate, up-to-date information about the exact location, capacity, and status of your assets and resources to help make rapid decisions, deploy the right level of support, and determine the most effective response to unfolding events. With auto notification and alerts capabilities, this solution ensures that distress calls from on-field resources are proactively identified and brought to the attention of resources in the command centers, ensuring YOUR people’s safety.

In pressurized and rapidly changing environments, our Disaster & Emergency Response Management solutions help enable informed, highly-precise decision-making with an intuitive geospatial display of information that is consistent with your organization’s procedures. Gaining the most accurate information possible helps your leaders and teams make better decisions, provide superior support to their people in the field, and improve the operations’ success. Field users can use their smart phones and tablets to capture images, videos of locations and upload them into the situational room maps with geo locations enabled.

Furthermore, iLink’s SOA based framework on Microsoft Surface enables you to collaboratively involve your team in a highly interactive and productive way of responding to situations through awareness. The framework integrates Surface with Microsoft Lync and Skype for unified communications enabling your personnel to call/chat/video conference with anyone in the field directly via the surface itself with a single finger touch.

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