Enterprise Content Management

Government agencies at all levels face what can seem to be an overwhelming challenge: managing the burgeoning amounts of data for which they’re responsible.

Even as their ability to capture and store electronic information grows, the task of organizing, searching, and retrieving content in a meaningful way becomes increasingly difficult. The problem is compounded because that content can be stored in a variety of formats and scattered across different repositories. Inefficient management of stored data doesn’t just waste resources-it also can put public agencies at risk for noncompliance with state and federal guidelines and e-discovery requests.

What agencies need is a single, scalable enterprise content management solution to help them:

  • Search quickly and easily across multiple content types and repositories.
  • Satisfy e-discovery demands and compliance requirements.
  • Allow users to publish, manage, and retrieve content without leaving a single familiar interface.
  • Scale it throughout the agency or within multiple departments.
  • Control access and protect information from unauthorized use.
  • Ensure that documents are properly disposed of at scheduled times.

iLink uses Microsoft’s enterprise content management platform and SharePoint for public sector organizations and makes it easier to implement a content-management strategy, reduce risk, and achieve compliance.

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