Portals and Collaboration

Despite the recurring need to quickly gather relevant quality data and documentation while fighting with mission critical and environmental liabilities, Federal agencies typically work with legacy applications implemented on disparate databases. With databases and systems that have relevant and connected information but are disconnected in collaboration and presentation, reporting, not adhering to Single Sign on principles, it becomes increasingly unproductive to gather connected information in a precise and concise manner.

  • Do you have different databases managing your Real Property, your Compliance, your Utilities, your Assets, your Conservation, your Manpower, your EMS, your Energy, your Sustainability metrics?
  • Are you struggling with bringing all this relevant information into one common collaborated platform?
  • Are you having Governance and policy tracking problems?
  • Do you want to have better business connectivity and be able to pull and connect all this data and seamlessly switch between each LOB skimming through pertinent information?
  • Do you want to have a Business Intelligence layer that brings executive dashboards and reports to life?
  • Do you want to be able to search and quickly find exactly what you are looking for among hordes of documents?
  • Do you want to be inherently able to control data and feature access privileges to different groups of your workforce?
  • Do you want to be able to implement workflows to ensure process flow and quality assurance?

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Did you answer YES to any of the above? You are in the right place! Take advantage of iLink’s expertise in Sharepoint implementation, configuration and customization and let us help you address YOUR business problems by implementing a collaborative environment and manifold the productivity of your work force.

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