Records & Document Management Solutions

The scope of government business is expanding rapidly due to the profusion of electronic documents and online interactions. At the same time, you are under pressure from increased compliance requirements, demands for government transparency, and the increasing burden to share information that is often highly sensitive. With all these new pressures on government agencies, records management is a priority. You need records management systems with the following features:

  • Easy to adopt and manage
  • Protect information
  • Preserve historic records
  • Expand access to public records
  • Meet regulatory compliance needs
  • Audit and Version control
  • Efficient to store and search
  • Seamless integration with existing business processes and systems
  • Workflow automation for approval process, etc
  • Real time key performance indicators and reporting for appropriate levels in the command hierarchy

The iLink Records Management solution automates records management policy throughout the document life cycle. From creation and collaboration to record declaration, policy-driven retention, and finally document disposal or archiving, the solution helps you collaborate and share information securely across boundaries, protect document integrity, and reduce legal risk.

Built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, the solution is easy to deploy, use, and maintain. If you already have a Sharepoint instance in place, iLink can work with you in customizing your records’ management and workflow automation, implement and incorporate appropriate key performance indicators and reporting tools, enhance your searching capabilities.

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