Improve patient outcomes and reduce costs with digital technologies.

Act Now to Transform Uncertainty into Possibility

Healthcare Industry is facing tough challenges such as:

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Digital Transformation is changing the way payers, providers and health systems operate. From over a decade, iLink has been helping Healthcare clients solve the toughest problems in the industry. Reach out to us to learn how we can transform your business.

Segments We Serve


We offer innovative solutions to help your organization deliver efficient treatment, and improved financial performance.


We help your organization implement process automation to reduce operational costs.


Solutions include clinical management, regulatory compliance and Business intelligence implementation.

Medical Devices

We offer solutions that help industry leaders improve product development and manufacturing processes.

Our Solutions Include

Omni Channel

Create newer channels to reach customers by integrating with Alexa, and Google Assistant. Improve the quality of service and patient experience with Smart assistants, enabling collaborative patient care with continuity across sessions.

Healthcare software development
Healthcare software provider

Smart Transcription

Reimagine and radically transform the Electronic Medical Recording (EMR) application by integrating a Smart Transcription application to your clinical documentation service, where your Doctors get to Talk instead of Type. Make your physicians happier and help them spend their valuable time on what they do best – treating patients and providing excellent medical care at scale.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Transition from traditional IVR based customer service to an AI powered Intelligent Virtual Agent that can provide the first level of support. Achieve up to 30% reduction in operational expenses and improved customer experience with a smart assistant handling customer queries, 24×7.  With smart hand-offs, there is always a human to assist your customers where the Virtual agent can seamlessly hand-off to a human agent with all the required context to keep the conversation engaging.

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