Health and Life Sciences

Today’s Health and Life Sciences (HLS) organizations operate in a constantly changing environment shaped by increased regulation and competition. In an effort to meet these challenges, they are increasingly embracing the latest technological advances. iLink’s HLS practice helps Health and Life Sciences organizations improve quality while keeping the costs down. We add business value by reducing operational expense, improve customer experience and increase performance.

iLink’s team possesses extensive Health and Life Sciences industry knowledge and has expertise in bringing best of breed solutions to this industry. Our core strengths and competencies are in areas of Custom Development, Mobility Solutions, Data Management, Service Management Systems and Business Management Systems.

Data Management & Analytics

Enterprises need intelligent insights into customers, market conditions …

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Wellness & Personal Health Records

With people’s health information decentralized and isolated, it…

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Chronic Condition Management

Today, with an aging population, increasing incidence of chroni…

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Quality Reporting & Dashboards

The iLink Self-service BI Solution Framework is a set of prebuilt…

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Medical Devices

The Patient Care Device (PCD) Domain is concerned with use cases …

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Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement system is an interactive medium for patients and …

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Microsoft HealthVault

With people’s health information decentralized and isolated, it is difficult…

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iLink’s Health Portal solutions provide a central location where healthcare …

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IHE Interoperability

Interoperability is a fundamental requirement for Health & Life

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Health and Life Sciences (HLS) organizations are looking to…

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User Experience

User Experience (UX) matters now more than ever, as today’s…

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Millions of healthcare professionals and patients are now using…

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Procurement & Vendor Management

iLink offers a variety of solutions to achieve your…

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Intelligent Systems

Millions of healthcare professionals and patients are now using smartphones…

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Our Service Offerings

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Legacy Application Modernization
  • Systems Integration
  • Reporting & Migration Solutions
  • Data Warehousing & Analytics
  • Product Development
  • Web Application Development
  • QA & Testing
  • Application Life cycle Management