Chronic Condition Management

Today, with an aging population, increasing incidence of chronic illness, and healthcare costs that are rising at an unsustainable rate, it’s clear that healthcare needs to become not only better, faster, and cheaper, but also more proactive and prevention oriented. Condition Management solutions from iLink can help to improve the quality and efficiency of care you provide by connecting information, systems, and health professionals across teams, departments, agencies and organizations. By providing an integrated view of patient information, care givers and case workers are able to collaborate more easily and make more well-informed treatment decisions. Additionally, these solutions empower citizens and patients to play a more active role in managing their own conditions and care. Ultimately, these solutions can help you reduce the frequency and severity of chronic illness, as well as the need for lengthy hospitalizations and costly treatments.

iLink’s Chronic Condition Management solutions include client, patient and citizen portals, plus tools that improve case management, caregiver collaboration, and personal health management. Often, these solutions can be implemented with surprising ease and speed, so their cost-saving benefits can be realized very quickly. They also make the most of existing technology investments.

With iLink’s Chronic Condition Management solution, you can:

  • Use integrated data collected by program clinicians and staff, line-of-business applications, and patients to determine when to offer proactive care to decrease the likelihood that patient conditions will escalate to high-risk health problems.
  • Increase productivity by reducing the amount of time and staff it takes to administer patient outreach programs.
  • Provide better service, strengthen communications, and improve responsiveness by sharing patient information between healthcare organizations’ systems.
  • Save time and reduce the potential for human error by standardizing processes and moving paper-centric processes online.

CCM Scenarios:

Client, Patient, and Citizen Portals: Client, Patient, and Citizen Portals from iLink make getting the right information easier. A single, consolidated view of medical records, as well as care plans and metrics necessary for effective management of one’s own health condition, help to improve outcomes. Secure online access to things like lab results, condition-specific information, and discussion communities allow patients and citizens to stay better informed and play a more active role in their own care. Additionally, these solutions enable caregivers and case workers to communicate with patients and citizens more efficiently. Plus, many routine tasks become easier, such as scheduling appointments, planning post-treatment follow-ups, and setting up alerts for recurring maintenance to improve care between office visits without adding administrative burden.

Case Management: Case Management solutions from iLink streamline everyday processes while helping to drive better client outcomes. Customizable workflows automate the coordination of care between health organizations and agencies. Familiar, easy-to-use tools simplify the collection and authorized sharing of client and patient information. Plus, dashboards, scorecards, and analytics provide invaluable insights that help to improve decision-making. Ultimately, these solutions can help you deliver high-quality care and services to more clients, in less time and at lower cost.

Caregiver Collaboration: iLink’s Caregiver Collaboration solutions, with unified communications technology, enable caregivers and case workers to easily and securely connect, communicate, and share information with each other via a familiar interface that is available on a variety of platforms and mobile devices. These solutions streamline the flow of information through every phase of care, providing caregivers with access to patient and client information when and where they need it. Ultimately, this can contribute to more well-informed healthcare decisions and better patient outcomes.

Personal Health Solutions: iLink’s Personal Health and Wellness solutions give people increased access to, and control over, their medical information. This empowers patients and citizens to make better health decisions and to play a more active role in the management of their conditions and care. These solutions consolidate medical records into one easily accessible account that can be shared with health professionals – anytime, anywhere. Automated tools enable people to conduct self-assessments and be directed to the most relevant resources.

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