Cloud Services

Health and Life Sciences (HLS) organizations are looking to increase operational efficiency, cut costs and improve services and revenues. Cloud computing provides a way to simplify IT management, control costs, and better meet user needs. Our customers are realizing the potential of Cloud not only to meet their short term needs to simplify IT but also enable their business to scale for the future. The faster HLS organization adopts Cloud technology and deliver Cloud services to their customers and partners, the sooner the payback will be realized.

iLink provides a comprehensive set of cloud services to meet your unique needs now and in the future. Health and Life Sciences organizations need flexible options to move what they want to the cloud as well as how and when they need to. Elasticity of the Cloud, along with a combination of Public and Private (on premise and hosted), which can be delivered without compromise to security, privacy, and reliability is vital to these organizations.
Some of our Cloud services include:

Cloud Assessment & Strategy Consulting: Assessment and Consulting services towards adoption to help scale your business for current and future needs, regardless of where you are in your Cloud journey.

Cloud Transition Planning /Implementation: Cloud solutions using best practices for transitioning of application and data to the Cloud.

Cloud Application Services: Services to help you move to the cloud seamlessly whether you’re migrating an off-the-shelf package or developing a new application from scratch.

Mobile and Data Services on the Cloud: Customers are accessing applications on smart devices of all types; in their work and personal lives. Volume of data is increasing ten-fold every five years and applications that harness this data can deliver great business insights. Applications are increasingly being delivered from the cloud as businesses strive to reach more customers, more quickly and economically. You can’t afford to ignore this application revolution, yet you also don’t want to start over – given existing investments in tools and resources. With our solutions, you can embrace the application revolution across devices, cloud and data in an evolutionary way and move your business forward. We can help you modernize your business applications, while leveraging your existing investments, to reach any device, develop apps faster, deliver mission critical performance, and extend to the cloud for a faster time to market and greater cost savings.