Healthcare Portal Solutions

iLink’s Health Portal solutions provide a central location where healthcare professionals and patients can share and analyze information, complete transactions and workflow, and collaborate, all via the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Office applications, e-mail, or Web browsers. Our solutions include clinical, administrative, staff and patient portals.

iLink Systems portal solutions provide enterprise content management, physician-patient communication as well as business intelligence for reporting. iLink’s Health Portal solutions scale to meet the specific needs of your organization, and they can help you realize greater value from the technologies you already own.

Enterprise Content Management: iLink’s Portal Solutions for Health provide enterprise content management features like document management, search, policy and records management, and forms management. ECM helps to,

  • Reduce the burden of manual data entry of patient information with electronic forms integrated with clinical and administrative processes
  • Ensure the adherence to legal and regulatory mandates with versioning, auditing, workflow, and search capabilities embedded into the portal solutions
  • Easily manage documents regarding hospital appointments, test results, prescriptions, and other critical information through documents libraries in the portal solutions
  • Enable the clinicians and administrators to search documents and records by criteria such as patient name, date of birth, address, and medical condition from within familiar Office applications
  • Allow the employees to search critical information across different departments and applications by integration of portal solutions with business applications
  • Simplify the process of updating, reviewing, and distributing policies and procedures by using built-in workflows that users can initiate, track, and participate in through familiar Office applications
  • Protect confidential patient information by allowing the owners to set specific security permissions on individual folders or files so that only authorized individuals have the access to the patient information

Unified Communications: iLink’s Portal Solutions for Health integrate with Microsoft unified communications technologies and provide the ability to exchange e-mail and use other advanced communication tools for conducting meetings, exchanging documents and messages, and effectively collaborating from virtually any location to make the most informed decisions about a patient’s treatment.

  • Enable caregivers to search and contact their colleagues through portal solutions, based on available integrated and updated information
  • Provide the framework for delivering access to information at the point of care by integrating the portal with mobile devices such as Tablet PCs, Smartphones, and PDAs
  • Allow health professionals to initiate and manage e-mail, messaging, phone calls, Web conferencing, and audio or video conferences with a click of the mouse or from within the communication-enabled portal solution

Business Intelligence: iLink’s Portal Solutions for Health delivers all relevant data with personalized views for clinicians, administrators and patients, and enables well-informed decision making.

  • Integrate information systems across different departments and provide the caregivers a consolidated view of patient information
  • Allow employees to easily create and publish reports and share them with experts, colleagues, and patients by accessing them from almost anywhere and on most devices
  • Provide better insights into operational, clinical and financial data through scorecards and dashboards

Case Study

  • iLink’s Care Community Web solution provides caregivers with information necessary to facilitate better care giving and improve the caregiver quality of life Download pdf
  • American Association of Retired People is non profit organization championing the cause of senior citizens Download pdf