Patient Care Device

The Patient Care Device (PCD) Domain is concerned with use cases in which at least one actor is a regulated patient-centric point-of-care medical device that communicates with at least one other actor such as a medical device or information system. The PCD domain coordinates with and supports other domains, such as Radiology (medical imaging), Laboratory, and Cardiology to ensure consistency in use cases involving regulated medical devices as they occur throughout the Enterprise.

iLink Systems develops and implements solutions around the following profiles, which are governed by the PCD domain.

IDCO – Implantable Device Cardiac Observation specifies the creation, transmission, and processing of discrete data elements and report attachments associated with cardiac device interrogations (observations) or messages.

RTM – Rosetta Terminology Mapping harmonizes the use of existing nomenclature terms defined by the ISO/IEEE 11073-10101 nomenclature standard, it is required to be used in all PCD transactions.

ACM – Alarm Communication Management communicates alarms, ensuring the right alarm with the right priority gets to the right individuals with the right content.

IPEC – Infusion Pump Event Communication communicates clinical and technical events from an infusion pump to an information system for recording, action or presentation to a user.

DEC – Device Enterprise Communication transmits information from medical devices at the point of care to enterprise applications.

PIV – Point of Care Infusion Verification communicates medication orders to an infusion pump or pump management system.

RDQ – DRetrospective Data Query queries archived point-of-care device observations for clinical decision support or other data analysis purposes.

WCM – Waveform Content Module provides guidance concerning the inclusion of waveform data in applicable IHE PCD profiles such as DEC and ACM.

POI – Pulse Oximetry Integration provides guidance concerning the implementation of pulse oximetry devices using IHE PCD profiles.