Procurement and Vendor Management

iLink offers a variety of solutions to achieve your enterprise goals and provide a cost-effective, easily integrated and scalable agile and process driven work environment. As a Microsoft Gold Level Partner, iLink leverages various Microsoft collaborative products to develop corporate intranets, team sites and extranets that bring together people, knowledge and processes.

Our ongoing research of the business needs of life sciences companies suggests that drug discovery and development has now become a complex collaboration and network with external partners and vendors for:

  • Performing critical research or clinical studies
  • Obtaining key research ingredients/materials
  • Managing a large number of vendors who contribute to the drug discovery efforts

Along these lines, we have created a framework for Procurement and Vendor Management. It is designed to enable the following features:

  • Central repository of all your vendors/partners/suppliers
  • Identify Preferred Vendors and direct employees to them first
  • Dashboard showing the spend with each vendor and the level of discount you are receiving
  • Problems with delivery or quality issues with each vendor

At iLink we offer various solutions for Life Sciences organizations. Some of our solutions include:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Patient Engagement
  • Matter/Content Management
  • Collaboration
  • Pharma Workforce Management