Wellness and Personal Health Records

With people’s health information decentralized and isolated, it is difficult for patients and their families to manage and share health information. iLink provides solutions based on Microsoft HealthVault. Microsoft HealthVault is designed to put you in control of your health information. A free HealthVault account helps you collect, store and share information with family members and gives you a choice of applications and devices to help manage your fitness, diet and health. People can use HealthVault to store and transfer health information between providers and medical devices that are used to monitor weight, exercise, blood glucose, etc. Some of our HealthVault based offerings are the development and customization of Patient Portals with integration to Personal Health Records (PHR), integrating with clinical systems like Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management Systems (PMS), connectivity to medical devices, etc.

Here are some of our solution features using Microsoft HealthVault:

Online health tools and devices: Our solution offers a growing range of ways to get the important health information you’re tracking into your HealthVault record. Our tools let you analyze and manage that information to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Track your Health: When you’re living with a health condition, tracking your numbers and medications is an unavoidable part of each day. Our solution with connected devices and tools make it easier.

Manage Chronic conditions: Living with a chronic condition like diabetes, asthma, or high blood pressure requires constant vigilance. We help take some of the pressure off by making it easy to use compatible tools and devices with our solution that can help you track and manage your condition, and communicate your results to your healthcare providers.

Track Prescriptions: Your medications are meant to help you get well and maintain good health, but you should keep a close eye on what you’re taking. If you or someone you’re caring for takes multiple medications, our solution can help you keep track of your prescriptions. You can use the information to check for possible interactions or cumulative side effects that could affect your health.

Health Information in one place: It’s time to put an end to fumbling through paper files, and get everything in one place, where you can find it when you need it. Our solution makes it easy.

Be ready during emergencies: Whether you travel, have kids, are a caregiver, or have a chronic illness, getting the right information to the right person at the right time can be vital. With our integrated solution on HealthVault, you, your family, and emergency medical technicians can have access to your important health
information on printed wallet cards or sheets or from any computer with Internet access.

Take care of your family: Our solution makes it easier to manage your whole family’s health. Bring everyone’s health records including your pets as well together in one account, where you can easily access the information you need, when you need it.