Reinvent and deliver engaging customer experiences.

Stay Ahead in the Digital Transformation Race

Travel and Hospitality industries are facing tough challenges such as:

  • Meeting the expectations and demands of tech savvy consumers
  • Gaining meaningful insights from large volumes of customer data
  • Managing employee turnover and workforce development
  • Push from new entrants to constantly innovate and enhance customer experience

Digital transformation is changing the way travel and hospitality companies engage with their customers. iLink has been helping Travel and Hospitality companies solve the toughest problems in the industry. Reach out to us to learn how we can transform your business.

Offer Personalized Services to Enhance Guest Experience

Personalization helps retain customers and acquire new ones. Leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics techniques to understand the customer needs. Utilize IoT technology to create smart rooms, which allows guests to set room temperature and lighting according to their preferences.

Virtual reality technology allows guests to explore and customize the room as per their needs. Security is a key concern for companies and the guests. Technologies such as bio-metrics can be used for surveillance, guest check-ins, fraud detection, and user authentication systems for payment authorization.

iLink will help you provide personalized experiences by leveraging digital technologies.


Segments We Serve

Travel Suppliers

We offer solutions to clients including airline, hotel and vacation operators, rental cars and cruise lines.

Food Delivery and Restaurants

We offer solutions to strengthen your brand, and provide personalized solutions to the guests.

Travel Intermediaries

We offer solutions to help retail and online travel companies meet demands of tech-savvy consumers.

Real Estate

We offer solutions to help real estate companies provide excellent services to their clients.