The amount of data that is stored and processed in law firms is immense, and we realize that. In most law firms, the trend is to use several applications to coordinate the various tasks. While this is not such a bad idea, we think you should ideally be spending more time focusing on your work than alternating between the different applications and figuring out your way through them. With our depth of knowledge of the legal industry and vast experience in deploying IT solutions, we think we’ll be able to provide you with the right solution at a fraction of the cost needed for popular industry solutions or to maintain multiple solutions across the firm. We provide Case management solutions on the popular Microsoft SharePoint platform, allowing you the functionality within the comfort of your existing systems.


Quick reference into case-facts:

Our case management solution allows a matter-centric view of the data. It gives you the option to view events in a chronological format, see the edits made by different people working on the case and view notes at a quick glance. Case data can be searched at a firm-wide, office-wide, inter-departmental or intra-departmental level. Members working on a case can collaborate more effectively and avoid conflicts and duplicated efforts. The client knows you’re in control with the right case management solution.

Synchronization with other applications:

In today’s law firms using multiple software, there is a constant effort towards integration. According to a recent ILTA survey of law firms, 95% of the respondents were using Microsoft Word, 90% use Microsoft Outlook and 22% use Microsoft SharePoint as their intranet portal. Our case management solution provides you with a familiar interface to find, create and store information. Synchronization with the Microsoft suite and other third-party software means that you can now work on client matter without having to open multiple applications, or even being connected to SharePoint.

Time tracking and billing:

Clients usually challenge bills on the grounds that it is excessive, and attorneys adjust the bill downwards. Our solution allows attorneys to go back to the time the bill refers to in order to review what was actually done on that day to determine whether or how to adjust the bill appropriately . Whether it is for billing clients or to improve efficiency, it is absolutely essential to know how you’re spending time, and now you can do it without putting in any additional effort.

Enhancing the firm’s workflow process:

Like any other firm, a law firm has several workflow processes – from entering new clients and cases to managing filing deadlines and closing a case. Since most of the processes revolve around client matter, it is essential that any solution that is implemented either automate the workflow process of integrate with any automated workflow process the firm may have. Our solution provides you the ability to integrate the functionality of a workflow management solution with a case management solution and increase your efficiency all the while.

The SharePoint advantage:

The familiarity that using SharePoint as a base system provides is immense. With matter-centric sites and its flexibility, attorneys no longer need to learn a new technology or even leave the software interface they are familiar with. You are given a snapshot-view of the case, and searching through all the data is no longer a time-consuming task. Our solution extends many of the powerful capabilities of SharePoint such as data feeds and Windows Workflow Foundation. You can now archive matter-sites when they are no longer active, and search it with the click of a button, without having to recreate the entire folder hierarchy. The matter-sites can be customized for each user ensuring that each lawyer views only the matter that’s he’s working on. The system also assigns a metadata for each entry for a case, and so this allows for precise search results and a reduction in time and effort. Combined with rich email management features and advanced reporting capability, your attorney’s can now focus their time on what they need to.

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