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Solve 21st Century Manufacturing Challenges

The manufacturing industry is facing tough challenges with business-critical roadblocks including :

The struggle to measure performance and scale end-to-end operational efficiency, Inherent variability and tumultuous changes to inventory and vendors, Lack of integration among multiple divisions, Duplicate work and manual operations leading to frustrated employees, and Insufficient data and metrics to get real-time insights of services

We understand the trends and challenges facing the industry. Our deep manufacturing experience combined with our proven tools, makes us qualified to help you transform and scale your business.

Manufacturing Software solutions – Unveiled

There is a direct correlation between technology and manufacturing growth. As and when new upgrades are embraced, new capabilities are carried out and the manufacturer stays relevant. The key differentiators that have enabled the most successful manufacturing companies to strive, compete and achieve exceptional results to rise to such economic supremacies, have been astute investors in innovation and technology solutions.

Improve Efficiency and Decrease Downtime Via Industry 4.0 Initiative

As a part of Industry 4.0 initiative, we help manufacturing companies gain potential IoT business benefits such as production flow monitoring, reduced machine downtime, improved OEE, increased quality control, greater energy efficiency, predictive maintenance, and faster, more informed decisions.

Manufacturing Services

Industry 4.0 initiative

As a part of Industry 4.0 initiative, we help Manufacturing industry to tap potential IoT business benefit such as Production flow monitoring, Reduced machine downtime and improved OEE, Increased quality control, Greater Energy Efficiency, Predictive Maintenance, Faster and More Informed Decisions.

Segments We Serve


Our solutions help automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and dealers, run connected vehicle ecosystems with enhanced supply chain and after-market processes.

Industrial Manufacturing

We help manufacturers of heavy equipment, heating, ventilation, air conditioning & refrigeration (HVAC/R), and industrial supplies build more connected products while boosting their bottom line.

Process Manufacturing

We offer solutions for clients within the chemical, building materials, pulp and paper, and mining sectors to streamline processes, gain operational visibility and increase their bottom line.


Power BI Governance Framework

As Power BI adoption is increasing, IT Departments are finding it difficult to train, manage and govern various PowerBI initiatives within their organizations. To help address this, iLink has come up with a Power BI Governance Framework that businesses can use to unlock the true power of data in a cost-effective and secure way.

Ticketing Framework


The increase in the complexity of the IT footprint in most companies has resulted in a significant increase in the number of tickets/issues created per day. It is estimated that more than half of tickets are now created by automated processes and/or are repeat tickets. The cost of processing repeats tickets itself could be millions of dollars per month.

Azure Accelerate Framework

iLink, a Microsoft Azure Partner, has been offering innovative cloud solutions to businesses, ranging from small to Fortune 50 help adopt Azure as their Cloud Platform of choice for last 4 years. iLink’s Azure Accelerate Framework is a streamlined set of processes, templates, and code to streamline the Azure and IoT workload adoption for  customers.

Sales and Marketing Framework

iLink’s Sales and Marketing framework improves lead qualification and reduces customer acquisition costs. It combines the prospect information in existing CRM systems with social data from facebook, twitter, linkedin etc along with 50+ other open sources and uses predictive algorithms to identify prospects most interested in your products.

Modern UI Framework

iLink Systems Modern UI Framework is the result of many years of experience working with latest technologies. It is designed to expertly fuse technology and innovation to deliver exquisite business solutions faster than ever before.


Opstrac Framework

OpsTrac is an automated Service and Operations Management Framework powered by Microsoft Denali/SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint 2013/2010/2007, BizTalk Server, CRM and other technologies. It provides organizations with a real solution that they can use to manage the cost and the quality of their field service team operations.