Our solutions empower utilities to thrive in today’s market-driven environment by optimizing their business operations in customer care, generation, trading and risk management, transmission and distribution, regulatory compliance, and enterprise services. With these capabilities, utilities can deliver innovative services, implement operations and maintenance best practices, enhance planning activities, create profitable customer relationships, and establish high-value connections with suppliers. Our offerings uniquely amplify utilities professionals’ efforts, creating winning relationships with customers, partners, and regulators.

Key pains and challenges

  • Changing landscape / need for innovation: A confluence of factors, including the rising use of renewable energy, falling wholesale market prices, and the growth of distributed generation and energy efficiency, is eroding traditional utilities’ market shares and reducing profits. With market shares and profitability of conventional centralized generation assets declining, electricity demand growth stagnating, and emerging technologies enabling new ways to meet consumer demands, electric utilities may be facing a stark new reality: they must evolve or die.
  • Customer relationships: Utilities in competitive markets are challenged to drive revenue by acquiring new customers while retaining, up-selling, and cross-selling to existing customers. Regulatory changes in some markets have made it much easier for customers to switch utilities, making loyalty and retention much more important.
  • Big data and business insight: Over recent years, the amount of data (customer, meter, asset, sensors) that needs to be analyzed has grown exponentially. Utilities have invested heavily in smart grid technologies and need ways to unlock the value of smart grid data for business insight and accelerated decision making, and integrating the very disparate worlds of customer systems, financial, and operations.
  • Complex business requirements: With new regulatory requirements, the need for new operational technologies, smart grid, and the heightened expectations of the new energy consumer, utilities need faster, better, simpler IT strategy from their CIOs.
  • Agility:   Utility companies are faced with a complex legacy processing environment that is brittle, lacks agility, and is extremely expensive to update. This affects their ability to generate efficiencies, reduce costs, ensure a high level of operational control, and provide a consistent high-quality customer experience.

Solution scenarios in the Power & Utilities

Employee engagement:

Empower a connected and collaborative workforce to gain insight into assets, customers, and employees; design program and service offerings most relevant to customer demands; and monitor and manage energy reliability, delivery, and safety. Social productivity and collaboration solutions from iLink increase employee safety and customer satisfaction by accelerating access to information anytime, anywhere, on any device—on-premises or in the cloud.

Related customer challenges

  • Changing landscape / need for innovation
  • Customer relationships

Microsoft Technologies

  • Office 365
  • Yammer
  • SharePoint
  • Windows 8
  • SQL Server

Business insights:

Gain insight into business exposure with KPIs, analytics, and configurable dashboards. Enable improved asset maintenance, reliability, performance, energy delivery, employee safety, customer service, and program management. Comprehensive business intelligence and high-performance computing solutions from iLink give power and utilities companies near real-time self-service insight into business performance and customer analytics.

Related customer challenges

  • Big data and business insights
  • Complex business requirements
  • Agility

Microsoft Technologies

  • SQL Server
  • Office 365 and Power BI
  • SharePoint Azure

Infrastructure Modernization:

Quickly and very securely deliver programs, integrate systems, and implement technologies on-premises or in the cloud. By designing and developing agile, configurable, and highly secure systems, we are delivering solutions for power and utilities companies to modernize legacy core systems and lower IT cost ratios to grant easier access to data and business logic in a scalable environment

Related customer challenges

  • Complex business requirements
  • Agility

Supporting products

  • SQL Server
  • Azure SQL Databas
  • Power BI
  • Azure
  • Windows 8

Productivity through Office 365

Office 365 enables productivity on demand through mobile, social, and collaborative work experiences. Your employees gain familiar, intuitive enterprise-class tools that work anywhere they work – on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. And with Office 365 cloud-based services, you’ll save time managing IT while your employees quickly deliver on your business goals.

Office 365 can help your Staff manage operational tasks and HR processes online to improve employee satisfaction and operational efficiencies.

Impact your business with Office 365 & Yammer

Staff Enablement

  • Empower associates to interact socially and provide bottom-up feedback to share with coworkers, management and corporate (Ask the expert social groups, service tips, guest feedback, new service ideas…)
  • Bring your intranet to life and empower employees to easily find content   (company news, executive blogs, training content…)
  • Send and receive emails from company-sponsored employee mailboxes from work/home/mobile

Operational Efficiencies

  • Submit online forms and track compliance to HR tasks (HR forms, uniforms orders, time-off requests…)
  • View and manage schedules from work/home/mobile device
  • View employee information from virtually anywhere   (new hire packets, HR/benefit docs, pay slips…)
  • Discover self-service training content (new hires, HR policies, safety/emergency procedures…)
  • Communicate with all employees via low-cost company email, ensuring receipt (weather alerts, HR communications…)

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