Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management:

  • Maintains detailed information (with organizational hierarchy) about the responsible parties along with integrated contact information
  • Enables application organizations to efficiently rationalize their application assets
  • Tracks every aspect of the application including upgrades, support strategy, IT infrastructure (eg. servers, software licenses)
  • Reporting: Improves productivity and increases ROI through reporting and provides ability to drill down to detailed metrics for monitoring the application
  • Enables budget tracking and burn rate


  • Senior management can use it as a monitoring tool to establish, track and measure SLA achievement, budget, statuses
  • Vendor managers can improve planning and monitor the performance of the service providers that support the application portfolio
  • Business analysts can see how an application is structured to support business processes and can request new features
  • Software architects can get a holistic view of the application while clearly understanding the relationship with other systems
  • QA managers can prioritize activity within their organizations and proactively track defects