Dynamics XRM Ticketing Solution

iLink has developed a network operations trouble ticketing system that supports all relevant TmForum eTOM business processes, that conforms to TMForum SID data model , that includes location based dispatching and is completely web services enabled.


  • Fully Service Enabled TmForum standards compliant ticketing solution
  • Implements all eTOM business processes related to ticketing and fault management
  • Location based dispatching implemented
  • Complete support for Technician Schedule Management
  • Integrated with Microsoft Systems Center for Alarming, Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Care, Equipment Inventory System and GPS feeder for technician location feed
  • Implementation of GIS mapping module to display the overall health of the entire network


  • Easier Integration with other OSS Systems
  • Dispatch process automation through location based dispatching
  • Efficient resource allocation through better time management
  • Configurable Routing and Ticket assignment engine


  • TmForum standards compliant
  • Alarm Management
  • Location based dispatching
  • Technician Schedule Management
  • Notification Management
  • Workflows to handle escalations
  • GIS mapping module to display the overall health of the network