Channel Central Framework

Channel central is a plug and play solution combining the benefits of a service center locator with a platform for collaboration using entire channel distribution. It serves as a complete reference for all levels of your channel partners and is built on top of latest offerings on the SharePoint platform – SharePoint hosted app model. Channel Central has a rich and configurable feature set including

  • Intuitive Modern UI based interface.
  • Built as an app that can be downloaded from SharePoint store which makes it fairly easy for any user to install, use, manage, upgrade, and remove.
  • Goes one level deeper to include not only your distributors but also their dealers so as to provide a seamless collaboration platform for you and your channel partners (can be easily made extensible to cover more levels within your channel).
  • Configurable set of distributors and dealers including easy admin interfaces for adding/editing or deleting.
  • Ability to associate distributors with dealers through a one to many mapping both ways.
  • Uses Bing map integration with SharePoint for easy search and locate.
  • Individual page for each distributor and dealer showing vendor specific details.
  • Seamless communication with channel teams via different mediums such as Lync, Skype, and Outlook.
  • Aggregated view of customer reviews for easy monitoring.
  • Sections highlighting press release updates and best practices followed by your channel partners.
  • Delivery schedule reference to understand and track delivery at individual dealer level.

Technology Used