Message from the CEO – Update on COVID-19

Given the current situation with COVID-19, we want to provide an update on how iLink is moving forward with precautions. We are watching the situation closely and diligently following the guidelines laid out by the authorities at different locations/countries.

Here is the summary of steps taken by iLink to make sure we remain operational and consequently ensuring minimal disruption to our operations –

  1. We have activated Business Continuity Planning. A core team has been formed which meets every day to assess the situation and review the status of various steps being taken.
  2. As a precaution, our offices in the US are closed with our whole team continuing to work remotely.
  3. For those working at our client locations, we are following the advice and guidelines of our customers.
  4. Our India offices remain open, but we are geared up to handle any necessary closures. We are prepared to transition employees to remote work with access to office and client servers within the next 2 days.
  5. We are taking steps to make sure that our offices remain free of any contamination. We are following the below steps to ensure safety.
  • Distributing education regarding safety precautions through videos and posters about COVID-19
  • Enhanced cleaning of the office premises
  • Sanitizers readily available at all locations
  • Mandatory self-quarantine for people traveling from overseas
  • Zero tolerance for people showing any symptoms – they are not allowed in the office

While there is a general perception of businesses slowing down because of COVID-19, we have an overall positive outlook and are geared up as an organization to handle business on a larger scale.

Sree Balaji,
CEO, iLink Digital