Build modern applications to reduce operational risks and costs, leading to better performance, productivity, and increased reliability.

Execute Now, Plan for the Future

At the core of every successful company is its application ecosystem. However, as businesses grow, applications have failed to keep pace with the changing customer needs and at times the multitude of applications for performing routine tasks has hindered the realization of desired outcomes.

We help you navigate through this clutter of applications and modernize the ecosystem to meet not just current needs but more importantly for the future and gain an edge over your competition. iLink helps businesses reduce the operational risks and overall costs, leading to better performance, enhanced productivity and increased reliability by creating end-to-end solutions.

Be it cloud, on premise or hybrid, our team of Application Modernization experts, can expedite your digital transformation by designing, developing and deploying the perfect application specific to the business demands.

Application Modernization: Accelerate Growth, Improve Efficiency and Mitigate Risk

  • Reliable outcomes that help you get more out of existing IT systems in a long run while cutting costs and reducing risks.
  • Quick results from flexible teams that can be assembled and deployed fast anywhere in the world.
  • Perceive informed ¬†perspectives on new, cost-effective ways to host applications and revise platforms.

Application Modernization Services

Platform/Technology Migration

Migration and enhancement of legacy applications with new internet-driven cloud-based technologies and platforms.

UI Modernization & Migration

UI modernization & migration to maintain a consistent UX across smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Application Re-engineering

Consolidation of an assortment of software into a single, consistent system that demolishes silos.

App Development

Transform business processes through innovative end-to-end process management solutions.

API Migration & Modernization

Modernizing and migrating APIs with payment gateways, ecommerce platforms, geolocation, social networks etc.

Enterprise to Cloud Transformation

Secure your enterprise database, OS, user interface, CRM, ERP, corporate mail, and custom apps in cloud.