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Our Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Readiness

Identify which parts of your business are ready for cloud adoption with a full assessment and a detailed gap analysis.

Cloud Migration Planning

Get a fully costed cloud strategy roadmap with guidance on which cloud platform is the best for your business needs.

Cloud Implementation

Bring your data and applications to the cloud and eliminate the expensive CapEx costs of your on-prem data center.

Cloud Services

Respond to traffic spikes and keep your cloud infrastructure costs to a minimum with fully managed IT services for cloud.

Workshops /

Win executive buy-in for your project by deploying a market-ready proof-of-concept in 90 days.

Compliance &

Keep your cloud assets secure from hackers, and avoid costly regulatory fines.

Cloud Architecture

Format your public, private and hybrid cloud environment to accommodate your existing software applications.

Software Development

Build a cloud-based application with open source code that’s easy for your team to update and maintain.


Cut the costs of your existing cloud environment by finding and fixing issues that are causing you to pay more than you need to.

Reduce Administrative Overhead

Most cloud consulting companies outsource parts of their services – giving you the headache of managing multiple vendors and invoices. 

iLink Systems has a global team of 617 consultants, architects, technicians, and developers that handle your entire cloud project from end to end.

Cut Your CapEx and OpEx Costs to a Minimum

Put an end to buying and maintaining expensive on-prem server infrastructure. 

You’ll get cloud solutions well below the retail pricing as our consultants negotiate with internal partners across Azure, AWS, GCP, and other common public cloud providers. 

Avoid Costly Delays and Mistakes

Mistakes are bound to happen when you migrate your entire environment to the cloud. This is because most businesses don’t pick the right services, fail to ensure compatibility, or defer reviewing long term cost forecasts. 

We’ll find the CSP (Cloud Services Provider) that’s the most compatible to your business needs, internal skill set, and operating budget. All you need to do is give us a call.

Fix Problems the Moment They Happen

When demand spikes and bugs hit your cloud environment, you can’t afford to wait days or (even hours) to fix them. 

Our network operations center is active 24/7/365, with sub-15 minute response times and 99% of tickets solved the same day. 

You get peace of mind knowing that your systems are always running, and someone has your back at all hours.

Worldwide support and issue resolution.
13 Minutes
Average response time for tickets.
Tickets solved the same day.

Cloud Strategy Consulting that Drives Executive Buy-In

Although migrating to a cloud environment can cut your costs and make your business more agile, the move can be fraught with technical risks. 

Cloud architects at iLink will assess your environment to ensure you’re ready for the cloud, and deploy a proof-of-concept that shows the viability of cloud enablement – so everyone is comfortable with the move. 

Stay on the Right Side of Regulators

Not every cloud services provider is compliant with every regulation (SOC, FINRA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc). You can’t afford to learn that your company’s personally identifiable information (PII) isn’t compliant after you’ve migrated. 

Cloud consultants at iLink vet each CSP and give you a curated list of cloud platforms that exceed your regulatory needs and have a plan for future investments that align to your industry’s trends.

Cloud Security Consulting that’s One Step Ahead of Threats

Cyber criminals are getting more creative each year, so we put CSPs through a stress test. Threat prevention isn’t enough, you need systems that detect and recover from a breach in seconds – so hackers don’t have time to compromise your data.

iLink only works with cloud providers that exceed best practice cyber security standards – meaning your data is safe when you migrate to the cloud. 

Cloud Infrastructure Consulting that Supports Mixed Cloud Needs

Moving to the cloud isn’t an all or nothing investment. You may need a single-tenant environment for your office virtualization, and a multi-tenant public cloud for your applications. 

Infrastructure consultants at iLink assess your network to give you advice on how to optimize a hybrid cloud architecture so you get the best of both worlds. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft Azure