With growing business demand, Enterprises are in an urge to invest in the latest IT solutions, drive themselves towards achieving innovative business models. In order to bridge the gap between rising business demands and IT capacity to accommodate new services, infrastructure have to be freed up for which you need to migrate the Legacy LOB systems, and prevailing applications & infrastructures to “Cloud”.

Migrating to cloud is vital – on the other hand doing it right and fast is the key. To achieve flawless migration, you need expert cloud migration services from professionals.

iLink Systems, a Microsoft Azure Partner, has been offering innovative cloud solutions to businesses, ranging from small to Fortune 50 to help adopt Azure as their Cloud Platform of choice. Whether you need a turnkey solution or a complete cloud migration service, Our team of experts can deliver the best-in-class migration strategy that works just for you, create roadmap and provide service and support – that ensures your migration is fast, secure, smooth and cost-effective.

Get the best Azure adoption for Cloud Migration from iLink:

Application Migration to Azure needs Cloud IaaS strategy which deals with Reliable backup storage, secure data access, disaster recovery & redundancy. Accelerate your Cloud Transformation with iLink’s Azure FastStart Offerings & Expertise to develop, plan, and execute enterprise specific cloud migration approaches, for seamless migrating infrastructure to Azure.

Delivery Models and Migration Strategy:

While developing a new application, it should run in platform as a service to be more agile and cost effective, PaaS a complete cloud environment meanwhile an existing application is moved to the cloud it must be re-architected to run in PaaS / re-hosted to run in IaaS, infrastructure as a service.

The primitive view of cloud adoption benefits by delivery model is shown below:

Why move to the Cloud?

By moving to Microsoft Azure and the cloud with iLink’s Cloud Migration services, you can:

  • Extend your on-premises network to the cloud and operate as if they are part of your existing corporate network
  • Integrate LOB apps and On-premise systems with Azure
  • Gain competitive edge such as higher efficiency, greater flexibility at lower costs
  • Realise better performance for your applications and services
  • Get enterprise-level security
  • Elastically grow or shrink resource usage based on needs and pay only for the resources your application uses.
  • Move All App Dev And Testing To The Cloud and reduce the infrastructure & operational cost / development & deployment time

Benefits of Migrating to Cloud:

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Robust disaster recovery
  • Real time updates and Increased collaboration
  • Work from anywhere
  • Greater Security

iLink’s Azure Adoption Framework:

iLink, a Microsoft Azure Partner, has been offering innovative cloud solutions to businesses, ranging from small to Fortune 50 to help adopt Azure as their Cloud Platform of choice for last 4 years. Our offerings have enabled our customers in adopting Azure in faster and more effective manner by reducing their IT costs, improving overall efficiency and performance with minimal to least impact on their current Operational model.

iLink’s Azure Accelerate Framework is a streamlined set of processes, templates and code to accelerate the Azure Adoption for a customer.

iLink has been leveraging Azure Accelerate Framework and helping customers in the following scenarios:

  • Looking to migrate all your on-premises workloads to cloud or simply free up your IT resources bandwidth for strategic initiatives to build next generation solutions
  • Looking to build a web application for their Line of Business (LoB) needs (or) REST API / Web Service for mobile client
  • Looking for a reliable solution to host their corporate website, one that can scale well and offer global access
  • Looking to migrate legacy applications or applications hosted with ISPs, to the Azure Cloud
  • Looking to migrate web based multi-tier applications (developed in C#, Java, PHP, Python, Node. Js etc), to the Azure Cloud

iLink, in cooperation with Microsoft, is currently offering multiple Free Azure Education, Consultation, Scoping and POC offers to businesses that are in early planning stages of cloud adoption, in process of evaluating Azure or have applications already running in Cloud.

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