DevOps Overview

  • Are you able to deliver applications with agility and reliability at the pace of business?
  • Are you measuring application lifecycle agility and reliability by deployment frequency, lead time, failure rate, recovery rate and more?

More efficient application lifecycle correlates to Business Success. iLink DevOps services will help you deliver applications with continuous delivery pipeline transformation and operational excellence.


What is DevOps?

DevOps is a culture of collaboration between developers and IT operations. DevOps is focused towards continuous optimization of productivity, quality and velocity in every stage of Application lifecycle management.

DevOps Benefits

DevOps provides the ability to deliver application at the pace of business and gain competitive advantage and enterprise agility and reliability.

  • Faster delivery of application
  • Time to Market is reduced
  • Better collaboration between teams in IT organization
  • More time available to add value
  • More stability in development, test and production environments and less environment problems
  • Teams are more productive with increase in job satisfaction
  • Reduce number of defects and defects found are resolved faster
  • Overall Business Success

DevOps principles

  • Develop and Test against Production-like systems
  • Deploy with repeatable, reliable processes
  • Monitor and validate operational quality
  • Amplify feedback loops

Develop and Test against Production-like systems

  • Allow development and quality assurance (QA) teams to develop and test against systems that behave like the production system
  • See how the application behaves and performs well before it’s ready for deployment
  • Test applications in an environment that’s close to the actual production environment
  • Enables the operations team to see early in the cycle how their environment will behave when it supports the application, thereby allowing them to create a fine-tuned application-aware environment
Deploy with repeatable, reliable processes
  • Development and Operations to support an agile (or at least iterative) software development process all the way through to production
  • Processes that are iterative, frequent, repeatable, and reliable
  • Delivery pipeline that allows for continuous, automated deployment and testing
Monitor and validate operational quality
  • Monitor applications earlier in the life cycle through early and frequent automated testing
  • Monitor functional and non-functional characteristics of applications
  • Capture and Analyze quality metrics to provide early warnings about operational and quality issues that may occur in production
Amplify feedback loops
  • Enable organizations to react and make changes more rapidly
  • Create communication channels that allow all stakeholders to access and act on feedback
  • Get quick feedback and then learn rapidly from every action taken

Why iLink?

  • We listen attentively, ask insightful questions, and offer innovative ways to translate business objectives into experiences.
  • A ~500 employee outfit, we still treat every client like our only client and we pick our team members for superior technical abilities and professionalism.
  • Experience: High quality, ethical & knowledge-driven group of individuals; Our enthusiasm for understanding the client’s businesses. Immense experience in delivering complex enterprise application with DevOps best practices
  • Process framework: Save time with iLink DevOps process framework. Your IT teams can take advantage of the DevOps process problems and solutions encountered and solved by others.
  • Expertise: We have strong team of DevOps and cloud professionals with training and certifications. Our team is committed to establish and improve your DevOps capabilities.
  • Tools framework: We have preconfigured tools for configuration management (run books, recipes, modules) build management (Build definition, workflows, templates), release management(Build definition, workflows, templates) and more.  This will help you reduce cost and faster DevOps adoption.
  • Overall Microsoft customer satisfaction survey score is 192.31/200 (The average score for Gold Certified partners this year is 168.09).

iLink DevOps Services

DevOps Assessment & Strategic Planning:

We assess your current DevOps practice and understand your areas of concern. Review your current build and deployment processes with our experts. Perform gap analysis and provide a future road map.


DevOps Automation:

DevOps automation is the process of automating environments by scripting and various open source & vendor specific tools. Tasks that can be automated includes installing an operating system, installing & configuring workloads, boot scripts, configuring how the instances & software communicate with one another, & much more. By scripting environments, you can apply the same configuration to all possible workloads. There are numerous DevOps tools in the market. Fig1 & Fig 2 will give a brief overview of the DevOps tools and how they are organized with Azure ecosystem. iLink can develop an automation roadmap that outlines your goals, timelines & best approach to automate DevOps.

Configuration management:

Provision and configure your application in minutes, DevOps Configuration automation is the key. iLink can work with you on provisioning scripts, bootup scripts and have the application environment in the desired state. Infrastructure as a code and Infrastructure as a data are two different approaches to this scripts, we also growing library of pretested scripts, runbooks, modules, recipes.

Tools: PowerShell, Chef, Puppet, Salt stack, Ansible, etc.


Build process, Release & Deployment automation:

One click build, automated deployment or zero downtime rolling deployment. build process, release and deployment automation is the answer. iLink can work with you on build, release and deployment templates, scripts and process.

Tools: Visual Studio online services, Jenkins, Hudson, Gradle, Grunt, Vagrant, JIRA, etc.

Test Automation:

Regression test your application every time you build and deploy. Find defects early and often. Test automation will provide you that flexibility. iLink can work with you on test automation needs.

Tools: Microsoft test manager, Selenium, QTP, etc.


DevOps Education

Learn the principles, process, foundation, tools and benefits of DevOps through our free DevOps overview session.

DevOps Management

We’re ONE team – our clients & us – & will remain as ONE team to monitor and ensure the health of your applications, infrastructure, process & your continuous deployment pipeline.

DevOps Micro Services & Containers

Micro services architecture is a software architecture style in which complex applications are composed of independently deployable set of services. The main idea of micro services is to break monolithic applications into smaller and loosely coupled services to achieve better flexibility, deployability, and scalability. Micro services and container are built for each other. Containers provide the ideal environment for deployment of micro services. Containers are easier to scale horizontally. Break the Monolithic status quo and adopt the container style architecture. iLink can help you create and publish containers to represent specific functional needs or business needs. Once all your functional applications are broken into containers, possibilities are endless.

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