Data is increasing in complexity as enterprises are looking for ways to exploit the value n non-structured data. An increasingly sensor-enabled and instrumented business environment is generating huge volumes of data. Conventional Date warehousing infrastructure is not able to meet the demands of this significant data explosion. Analytical algorithm complexity is also growing significantly in order to build competitive decision making capabilities – Data analysis needs more that SQL for growing business needs. Big Data is rapidly becoming the solution for these new age data problems. iLink’s Big Data CoE has practitioners who have helped large customers handle these problems with effective Big Data solutions.

Our services include:

Service Offerings

Consulting Services

  • Big Data Technology Architecture Definition
  • POC Definition and Implementation

Big Data Integration

  • Data Architecture and Integration
  • Data Migration to Big Data file systems

Data Visualization

  • BI Implementation for Big Data

Skills & Competencies

Big Data Development

  • Pig/Java Programming
  • Task Schedulers
  • Map Reduce UDF development

Data Modeling / Data Analysis

  • Data analysis using Hive

Data Visualization

  • BI Implementation for Big Data

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