Business Intelligence

The leadership team needs the right information at the right time or real time to sustain & beat the competition. They have limited time to review data in spreadsheet form to understand trends and gain insights. Visual depiction of Numbers and trends is important to view information with a context and enable quick decision making. Business Intelligence (BI) tools come into play for that purpose and help the users to create reports, dashboards and scorecards for their own analysis and also to present them in a visual format to the leadership team. There are many BI tools in the market such Business Objects, Cognos etc. These report tools have capabilities to enable self-service reporting to business users. IT groups will create the reporting framework or the universe with all the attributes needed by business for their reporting and allow business users to write their own reports. BI tool proliferation and report redundancy is a common issue in large Organizations. BI Infrastructure needs to be streamlined for business effectiveness and reduced BI spends. We have extensive experience and process frameworks to do BI tool and report rationalization resulting in huge saves for the customers.

Reduced cost of memory chips enabled the newer trend in Business Intelligence – In memory BI. Qlikview, Tableau and Microsoft Tabular offer in memory Dashboarding and analytical capabilities. The in memory BI applications offers relatively much better performance compared to the traditional BI applications. But it’s critical to design the in memory model with the right structures and attributes for optimal performance.

We can help you with end-to-end Business Intelligence Solution delivery.

Our services include:

  • BI Architecture
  • BI Development – Reports/Dashboards/Scorecards
  • BI Tool Evaluation and Selection
  • BI Tool Migration or Upgrades (Business Objects, Cognos etc)
  • Reporting Testing Automation
  • In Memory BI (Qlikview/Tableau/Microsoft Tabular)
  • BI Performance tuning & Optimization

Why iLink?

As a specialized Business Intelligence solution provider, iLink addresses the business intelligence needs of businesses like yours, and offer implementation services, support services, education, and software enhancement services. iLink has successfully designed and deployed several Business Intelligence solutions, including Microsoft Business Intelligence, Business objects, Cognos etc, for our customers to help them meet their business challenges. iLink has several industry-specific BI frameworks, developed by a team of BI experts and Domain experts, that can be readily customized to meet your BI needs with minimal time and effort. With large number of successful deployments of BI technologies, our team is the largest pool of Business Intelligence & Data Management experts in the industry.