Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure services is the backbone of any organization for business continuity and business growth. Yet IT Infrastructure budget and costs are often scrutinized to achieve optimization and cost reductions. This happens due to the various stages of growth of an organization. After a certain stage of growth in an organization’s life cycle, Operational Efficiency is much sought after yet remains highly elusive due to the way in which IT was run in early maturity levels of the organization. While IT teams strive for operational efficiency, an additional challenge is put before them – the IT environment should be robust yet AGILE enough to meet continuous business demands and changing needs. Include high degree of predictability and high availability into the equation and it becomes a really complex environment.

At iLink, we understand the challenges and also understand how these challenges can be resolved. Our infrastructure offerings are tailored to solve these various challenges thereby allowing IT teams to focus on solving the business needs of the customer.

Our infrastructure services help enterprises design, build and manage their IT infrastructure services in an agile manner. We can setup new environments and solutions using an AGILE methodology and implement LEAN principles to reduce wastage and improve cost efficiency of your continuous operations.

iLink’s Infrastructure Offerings:

iLink offers a wide range of infrastructure services and a high level view of our service offerings are shown below:


Server Management Services:

iLink offers complete server management services to manage your servers. The various type of server management capabilities offered by iLink are summarized below

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Server Setup, Server Builds and OS Installation
  • Patches Upgrades
  • RAID Management
  • Disk Space Management
  • Connectivity Management
  • Load Balancing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Security and Malware Management
  • Virtual Machine Management

Storage Services:

iLink’s storage management capabilities cover a wide array of services including:

  • Storage Infrastructure assessment
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Storage Environment Setup & Implementation
  • Migration Support
  • Performance Tuning
  • Security Management
  • Disk Space Management
Backup Services:
Our backup assessment, implementation and management offerings are summarized below:

  • Backup Infrastructure assessment
  • Backup Implementation Services
  • Backup Automation
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Tape Management
  • Backup Jobs schedule manager
  • Troubleshooting all backup failures
  • Daily Backup reports
  • Restoration of Data

Apart from implementing and managing your infrastructure, iLink also provides the following service offerings:

Technical Help Desk Services

A single point-of-contact for user’s IT related issues.

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Database Management

Installation, Upgrade, Backup, Health Check and Fine Tuning of your various database solutions.

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Application Management

Installation, Upgrade, Patching, Release Management, Production Support of various products and custom solutions.

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DevOps Services

Complete Automation and Orchestration of your infrastructure, Development and Operations.

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