Database Management

Managing databases and data stores is a significant challenge for organizations as it requires constant monitoring, regular fine tuning and periodic backups. Any issues with the database could end up with business disruption, productivity issues and compliance issues and data corruption – any of these could significantly end up impacting the bottom line of an organization.

At iLink we understand that organizational data is key to smooth functioning of business units and our database management services is aimed at providing the complete set of services required to manage your databases iLink’s database services include:

Database Setup

  • Installation of database
  • Configuration of database Automation
  • Database Upgrades

Database Maintenance & Management

  • Database Optimization
  • Operation Standardization
  • Backup/Recovery Management
  • SLA Management
  • Security Audits

Database Monitoring & Support

  • Database Performance Monitoring
  • Remote DB Monitoring
  • Periodic Health Check
  • Governance & Rollout Assessment

Additionally iLink service provides the following benefit:

  • Continuous Remote Monitoring
  • Tier 1, Tier 2 ad Tier 3 support
  • High visibility and resolution of incidents and service requests
  • Performance Monitoring & Fine Tuning by certified engineers
  • Create proof of concept solutions for new database solutions
  • Monthly report generation for audit and analysis

iLink has expertise managing the following types of database technologies:

  • Relational databases – MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL etc.
  • NoSQL Solutions – REDIS, Mongo DB, Couchbase, Cassandra etc.
  • Data warehouse Solutions – Teradata, Oracle EDW, SQL Server DW, Amazon RedShift etc.
  • Big Data Solutions – Hadoop HDFS, Azure Data Stores, H-Base, File Stores etc.

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