We wanted our IoT stack and solutions to bring the best in breed of data presentation, features, usability, speed, and security that the industry has to offer. iLink has provided a truly comprehensive platform and solution portfolio for Numerex to leverage advanced IoT data and complex features based on cutting edge technologies like AngularJS, NodeJS, NO SQL Databases, Express and other frameworks (MEAN stack). Their skill with data management, analytics, real-time processing, application modernization and UX, and agile based approach allowed us to bring new innovative IoT features to market in a truly time and cost effective way!”.
– VP Product Management and Marketing, Numerex.

IoT Solutions

Device Connectivity and Management

We develop software agents that enable industry endpoints, including legacy devices, to connect to the cloud. Our solutions include management portal for centralized asset monitoring, remote diagnostics and updates, and other command and control scenarios.

Enable Insights

We offer operational dashboard tools for near-real-time analysis of asset, product and service usage trends. We also develop LoB apps that integrate near-real-time device data with relevant 3rd-party data such as social feeds.

Advanced analytics

We develop data models and supporting applications that generates predictions about likely business outcomes, and triggers corresponding actions. In addition, we create apps that applies predictive modeling along with historical data to provide near-real-time recommendations.

Data Visualization

We develop custom IoT User Experience that fits the business needs.

IoT Services

  • Industry based IoT solutions
  • Integrate devices to Azure IoT Suite and LoB applications
  • Device focused apps such as remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and fleet management etc.
  • Custom IoT UX and Apps
  • Managed Solutions
  • Device management and monitoring
  • Proactive and reactive managed services, both remote and on-site

Industry solutions

  • Gain greater visibility into global operations
  • Achieve rapid, customer-centric product innovation
  • Create new revenue streams through services
  • Personalize health care based on patient data
  • Optimize risk management through remote care solutions
  • Monitor and manage health assets and resources
  • Enable personalized, omni-channel experiences for customers
  • Improve asset cost efficiency
  • Develop customer insights that drive innovation

Seize this opportunity with iLink to

  • Extend: Your current solution or services to address new scenarios by using Azure IoT Suite capabilities
  • Cloud-enable: Your solutions by re-platforming to capitalize on Azure’s strengths as a comprehensive PaaS, IaaS and SaaS platform
  • Build: New IoT service lines with the Azure IoT Suite by developing new solutions for untapped markets

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