Lotus Notes Migration to SharePoint / Office 365

Businesses migrate their Lotus Notes based Mail, Applications and Workflows to Exchange, SharePoint / Office 365 to transform an organization to become more agile, productive and cost-effective.  Organizations are focused on making the most of their technology investment.  Consolidating to a single vendor solution platform for email, collaboration, employee engagement within the organization has become a priority for most organizations that used Lotus Notes.  Increasingly organizations have started seeing Lotus Notes as an unnecessary expense that does not fit into their larger business strategy.  Cost reduction through a single platform and readily available support for the platform from Microsoft are the drivers for organizations to migrate from Lotus Notes to SharePoint.  This helps them avail improved functionality, attracting and retaining talented employees and becoming more nimble and connected.

At a high-level an organization gets the following business benefits through migration from Lotus Notes to SharePoint or Office 365:

  • Cost Reduction through reducing user training and improving user productivity
  • Capability enhancement through SharePoint FAST search, Tight integration with Office 365 and Microsoft Office apps and SharePoint Workflow templates that provide faster workflows than Lotus Notes.
  • Consistent and Easier Workflows – Enhanced Workflow Platform as Microsoft has a Workflow foundation that works the same way across a range of products.
  • Long term business strategy – facilitating business goals such as innovation, agility, mobility, attracting and retaining talent, mergers and acquisitions.  Microsoft products clearly score over Lotus Notes in fast tracking these business goals.

iLink has helped organizations migrate from Lotus Notes to SharePoint and Office 365.  iLink has successfully used migration tools like the Dell OnDemand Migration tool, Quest, AvePoint, MetaLogix Migration Manager, Microsoft Office Outlook Connector for IBM Lotus Domino and Microsoft’s Online Notes Inspector (MONTI).

iLink has implemented various types of migration from Lotus Notes:

  • Migrated Email from Lotus Notes to Exchange Online
  • Migrated Email from Lotus Notes to Exchange.
  • Migrated Documents from Lotus Notes to Office.
  • Migrated Applications and workflow from Lotus Notes to Office 365.
  • Migrated Applications and workflow from Lotus Notes to SharePoint.

iLink has created some standard pre-migration analysis and migration templates apart from a comparison matrix of using various migration tools.  Through these templates and a standardized migration methodology iLink provides a faster turnaround as well as qualitative migration and support to various customers who migrate from Lotus Notes to SharePoint and Office 365.


iLink recommends staged migration based on our prior experience with IBM Notes migration to Office 365. Following are the features and benefits of using a staged approach:

  • Simple and flexible migration solution
  • Less Network and Bandwidth utilization since the migration is in batches
  • Ensures Complete mail box migration including calendar, contacts, Tasks and etc.,
  • Early detection of migration issues.

iLink’s Migration methodology typically comprises of the following:

  • Pre-migration analysis
  • Mailbox migration, Conference room migration and Distribution Groups migration
    • Pilot Migration will be performed and the migrated data compared with the data before actual migration.  This will help identify any migration issues.
    • User mail box will be migrated to Exchange / Exchange Online with active mails.
    • Microsoft Office Outlook Connector for IBM Lotus Domino will installed and configured.
    • Configure IBM Notes archive mail box in Outlook. This helps a user to view both Exchange / Exchange Online mail box and IBM Notes archive mail box in one outlook client. Users can easily move/migrate the archive mails from IBM Notes to Office 365.
    • Conference rooms will be migrated along with the mailboxes.
    • Distribution Groups will remain with IBM Notes till the mailboxes are migrated to Exchange / Exchange Online. During the process members will still be able to receive the emails irrespective of where their mailboxes are hosted. Once the distribution groups are migrated, Delivery Restrictions for distribution groups can be configured in Exchange / Exchange Online to adhere to organizational mail policies like internal or internet groups.
  • Migrating Notes Data, Applications and Workflows
    • Notes databases – Analysis and Discovery
    • Analyze applications that need to be migrated and developed.
    • Leveraging SharePoint’s managed metadata and document sets for managing Notes data.
    • Exploring connectivity through native web services
    • Using InfoPath forms to preserve the look and feel of Notes applications and forms
    • Lotus Notes data migration to SQL Server
    • Plan to design SP / O365 lists, libraries and subsites based on existing Notes Taxonomy
    • Maintain data fidelity when migrating rich text and complex application data, as well as preservation of data including keyword fields
    • Explore InfoPath XML documents for applications requiring custom form layouts.
    • Use a standard tool to create the migration jobs and migrate.
    • Migrate other content such as wiki pages, web pages etc.
  • Migration, Application, Integration and System Testing

iLink has migrated Lotus Notes Mail, Applications and Workflows to SharePoint using Quest for a Global Chemical Distributor and a Healthcare Insurance Provider.  iLink has migrated complex Lotus Notes Mail, Applications and Workflows to SharePoint using MetaLogix Migration Manager for a global online retail platform.

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