Millions of healthcare professionals and patients are now using smartphones, with the number increasing daily. This gives healthcare organizations a growing opportunity to improve efficiency, quality, and satisfaction for patients, physicians, nurses, and other staff by providing healthcare-oriented smartphone and mobile web applications.

Physicians are adopting smart phone technology faster than other U.S. consumers. According to a recent study, 54% of U.S. doctors own a PDA or smart phone – and more than half of them are using mobile apps at the point of care.

The key to smartphones’ success as point of care computing devices is designing the right applications the right way. Fortunately the current generation of smartphones allows application developers to provide a compelling user interface that allows smooth navigation and high image resolution. And by enabling cross communication between physician and patient applications, whenever one updates their information the other can access it. For example, if a physician uploads information regarding a new medication that information can automatically be updated in the patient’s application.

iLink’s mHealth Solutions: iLink develops applications for Windows Phone, Windows 10, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and smartphones and other mobile devices to address all of the needs of patients, physicians, insurance companies and other care providers. Some of our mobile solutions include accessing cloud based applications, location based information as well as connectivity to clinical applications for wellness, tele-health as well as remote patient monitoring.


iLink Expertise


Platform: Windows Phone 8
Technologies: XAML


Platform: iOS 7
Technologies:Cocoa, Bonjour, Xcode and interface builder


Platform: Andriod ADT
Technologies: Java/ Java ME


Platform: Blackberry
Technologies: Java/ Java ME


Platform: iOS 7
Technologies: Cocoa, Bonjour, Xcode and interface builder


Platform: Windows 10
Technology: XAML


Platform: Andriod ADT
Technologies: Java/ Java ME

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