Database Testing

With the advent of mobile apps and the resultant complex applications, database testing has become all the more important. At iLink, we believe that the database components like triggers, stored procedures and functions should be tested as thoroughly as the application code. So, we take Database testing seriously and incorporate it into our overall testing strategy for every project. Some of the salient features of our database testing process are as follows:

  • Database Initialization where the database is placed into a known state before running tests.
  • Functional Database Testing that includes validating the database tables and fields as well as the transactions & operations against the system requirement specification.
  • Internal Structural Testing of the database inluding testing of the database triggers, custom functions and logical views.
  • Data integrity testing that includes checking rules of Referential Integrity and Entity Integrity.
  • SQL performance Analyzer for assessing the impoact of system changes on the response times of SQL queries.
  • ACID properties validation.

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