Regression Testing

Regression Testing

iLink’s Regression Testing model considers the following Inputs / Criteria:

  • Changes to the Existing Functionality
  • New Product Features
  • Fixes for any Defects

At a High-level, thrust is provided to the following steps that impact the application:

  • Impact Analysis
  • Test Objective and Test Plan Definition
  • Test Design
  • Test Execution and Closure

The above-mentioned steps are detailed in the following figure.

The Regression Testing Model provides the following Output Artefacts at each of the above-mentioned steps in Regression testing:

  • Impact Analysis Report detailing the impacted functionality and the actual impact.
  • Regression Test Plan detailing the Regression Test Requirements and Test cases.
  • Regression Test Data and Test Suite

All the above-mentioned lead to the Regression Test Execution whose results are recorded in a Test Log and a Dashboard type execution Summary provided of the same.

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