iLink’s SharePoint Solutions & Services:

In a world where your Intellectual Property (Content) is Power Supreme, Collaboration is a mechanism to Success, Search and Discovery provide Agility, Security is Paramount and Analytics a tool to aid in Decision Making, where Cloud and Mobility provide the Flexibility and Coverage, SharePoint is the Productivity Platform that enmeshes all these into a suite that offers stability, scalability, transparency and powers your organization in an era of Dynamic, Social and Connected World.

SharePoint 2016 introduces new ways to share your work and work with others, organize your projects and teams and discover people and information. Many organizations like yours are considering migrating or upgrading to gain full business value from the exciting features in SharePoint 2016.

SharePoint 2016 Productivity Platform gives Social Productivity a big boost. SharePoint 2016 leverages the Service Model where Workflows are treated as Services, Service Apps such as App Management Service, BDC, Managed Metadata Service, Search, Secure Store Service, SharePoint Translation Services, State Service, User Profile, Usage and Health Data Collection Word Automation Service, Work Management Service etc. exist with their own databases.

SharePoint 2016 comes with Capabilities such as Site based compliance and Preservation, Auto Convert capability for Designers, Enhanced Web Content Management for Web Designers and Integrated Enterprise-wide Case Management through eDiscovery capability (Built in Web Parts such as Content by Search Web Part and Faceted Navigation with Search Refiners), Search Driven Sites, Intranet and Internet applicability. Enhanced Security is provided at a Content Asset Level through Sharing Feature. Both Built-in machine translation capabilities and Cloud based translation services are facilitated. BI capabilities are further enhanced and coverage is broad through access across PC, Phone and Browser. The New Apps Model enables deployment from corporate catalog or office market place.


As a specialized SharePoint Solution Provider, and a pioneer to develop applications on SharePoint across various versions, iLink has delivered numerous custom solutions on SharePoint 2016 and been helping companies with their collaboration initiatives including:

  • Upgrading existing SharePoint version to SharePoint 2016
  • Migration to SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint Governance
  • Content Consolidation
  • SharePoint 2016 Roadmap
  • Technology planning

iLink is an industry leader equipped to deliver custom solutions whether it be intranet, extranet, social computing, content management or Business Intelligence solutions. iLink’s SharePoint Migration Strategy and Approach focuses on the Key Facets such as Discovery and Customer Scenario Mapping, Information Architecture, Engaging UX, Content Management, Collaboration, Governance, Mobile Support, Content Migration and Extranet Integration

iLink’s SharePoint Expertise encompasses Global Intranet Portals, Intranet Portals with Extranet Integration, Portals encapsulating Industry Specific Workflows, Business Intelligence (BI) applications and Dashboards, SharePoint Migration across Versions, Migration from Lotus Notes to SharePoint, WebParts on a Turnkey basis, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Portals, SharePoint Installation, Deployment, Monitoring and Maintenance.

iLink’s 700 person years of SharePoint Experience spans Industries such as Healthcare, Chemical Distribution, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Utilities, Environmental Sustenance, Energy Management, Communications, Legal, ISVs, Learning Services and more. To list some of our Industry focused SharePoint solutions.

  • iLink has developed various Applications for an ISV catering to the Oil and Gas Industry.  These applications model the Workflow of the Production and Reservoir Engineering activities of the Oil and Gas Industry and are part of a platform that could be consumed by various stakeholders in the Oil and Gas Industry.
  • iLink has worked on couple of Applications for a global Chemical Distributor that model the Collaboration Workflow via their Global Intranet Portal.  These applications are now a part of their Initiative aimed at establishing a platform that could be consumed by various stakeholders across the Globe.
  • iLink has developed a Claims Management System for a Healthcare Solutions Provider that helps Health-Insurance Providers find overpayments on Insurance Claims.  This application is used by both Consumers and Insurance Providers.
  • iLink has redesigned the UX and Branding of the SharePoint Legal Case Management System.
  • iLink has redesigned and migrated (from OpenCMS) the Intranet to SharePoint 2016, of a famous children’s hospital to a modern UX with ready-made workflows for Content Management hence establishing a platform that could be consumed by various stakeholders.
  • iLink has migrated from different Platforms the Global Intranet to SharePoint 2016, of a Global Caterpillar Dealer.  Each region has developed their own intranet system on different platforms.  The New Global Intranet bridges the regional isolation, provides a single Intranet portal so that employees can collaborate and benefit whilst retaining regional autonomy with respect content in local languages.  iLink’s expertise in providing a Modern and Responsive UI is core to the User Experience.

SharePoint Solutions & Services:

SharePoint Business Intelligence

Business intelligence should empower all users with self-service capabilities through familiar tools and experiences.

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SharePoint Enterprise Search

SharePoint 2016’s FAST search provides discovery capabilities for the Enterprise to deliver personalized results based

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SharePoint Governance

Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that you establish in your enterprise to 

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SharePoint Quality Assurance

Our package includes overall analysis of the application under test to recommend offerings that could include:

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SharePoint Migration and Upgrade

A SharePoint Migration and Upgrade can take many forms but mainly it is an existing web-based solution whose 

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SharePoint Infrastructure Planning

The scope of this service offering consists of envisioning, planning, and developing a solid SharePoint Server

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SharePoint LOB Systems and Legacy Apps

In a dynamic workplace, information workers need access to data that resides in separate software worlds, for 

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Enterprise Intranet and Extranet Portal using SharePoint

Enterprise portal and collaboration solutions help transform the way people and organizations work together

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SharePoint based Frameworks

iLink has created over 60 Frameworks and over 20 of them are SharePoint based leveraging the best of iLink’s SharePoint Expertise and Experience. Some such SharePoint frameworks/features include:

Social Employee Engagement Framework

iLink’s Social employee engagement and Line-Of-Business Workflows framework, a streamlined set of re-usable

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iLink Self-Service BI Framework

The iLink Self-service BI Solution Framework is a set of prebuilt and tested scorecards, dashboards, KPIs

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Legal Case Management

Finally there’s a legal case management system that is designed to fit to your needs. The iLink Systems Legal

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Opstrac Framework

OpsTrac is an automated Service and Operations Management Framework powered by Microsoft Denali/SQL Server

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Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement system is an interactive medium for patients and Health & Life Sciences organizations to improve

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Subpoena Management

Frameworks are targeted re-usable set of components that iLink has developed to be readily utilized by our customers

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Matter Management Framework

As never before, Legal matter management has become more challenging due to ever-increasing case loads and

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Sales and Marketing Framework

Frameworks are targeted re-usable set of components that iLink has developed to be readily utilized by our

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PMO functions automation

Offers a flexible Project management solution with a simple intuitive interface allowing for for easy drill down from program portfolios

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HR Framework

Frameworks are targeted re-usable set of components that iLink has developed to be readily utilized

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iLink IT Framework

IT Managers across the spectrum are feeling the heat of the budget cuts and reduced IT spending

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iLink GIS Framework

Most of the business today rely on high volume of complex data to perform daily operations. Decision

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Vacation Central

Designed as an effective and easy to use tool for applying, approving, maintaining, and configuring

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Channel Central

A plug and play solution combining the benefits of a service center locator with a platform for collaboration

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By empowering people with a familiar set of tools, built on an enterprise-ready, scalable, and a manageable

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