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SharePoint 2013’s FAST search provides discovery capabilities for the Enterprise to deliver personalized results based on your intent and past behavior, Find People, Discover Insights and Visualize Data.  SharePoint’s Enterprise Search architecture presents an unified search that delivers Personalized search results based on search history with rich contextual Previews and Metadata driven navigation.  It works on the principle of Find->Answer->Extend.

Find - gets the right result tailored to you from anywhere

Find what you’re looking for with intelligent results tailored for you. Provides you the ability to:

  • Find and navigate back to past results
  • Enrich your data with entity extraction
  • Use Deep refiners to fine tune search
  • Find people based on their expertise
  • Discover content they’ve produced based on your query

Also the search powers experiences across SharePoint by suggesting People to follow etc.

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Answer - understands your intent, visualizes the result and acts on results

Today’s information workers produce huge volumes of increasingly different types of content. They need to get answers to questions, discover, find people and content to get their jobs done.

Enterprise Search makes answers possible in the following manner:

  • Understands the query and adapts the experience
  • See content as it was meant to be seen
  • Enrich results by structuring content
  • Learns with use and improves results
  • Find answers to questions others have already answered
  • Visual refiners to fine tune answers
  • Interact with live previews of documents
  • Dive into the part of the document that matters most
  • Contextual actions based on the type of document or result

Extend - build great experiences through simple integration, easily manage and scale

Make available a scalable platform to search Enterprise and external content with extensible content processing capabilities, flexible query management and integration with business applications.

Provide great experiences by extending in the following fashion:

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  • Search experiences for any content
  • Build custom templates for richer experiences
  • Quickly create rules to optimize the search experience
  • Simple, easy to use experience for maintaining rules
  • Use rules to not only improve queries but also the user experience

iLink has implemented Enterprise Search for Healthcare Providers and other industries as part of larger SharePoint based Collaboration Portals.

iLink developed a SharePoint based collaboration portal for a Healthcare provider to search for patient records.

iLink has implemented a SharePoint based fradulent claims identification solution for a Health-insurance provider to find and recover overpayments on claims.

Benefits of Enterprise FAST search

  • Provide an intelligent experience that finds answers, not just results.
  • Gives business users the ability to make search more relevant, engaging and actionable.
  • A scalable platform that is easy to integrate with and manage.

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