Windows 10 Banking & Financial Services

As Windows 10 is designed to provide a single, connected experience across all the devices people use in the modern connected world, banking & financial institutions have already started leveraging Windows 10 to provide their customers a consistent and never-before-seen user experience across all the devices, to provide them an easy way to interact with the organization; 24/7 access to their account; and help them access the info and do transactions on-the-go. As a specialized Windows 10 Partner, iLink provides Banking & financial institutions with Windows 10 solutions to drive customer acquisition and retention, enrich customer experiences through social and mobile channels, manage enterprise risk and support mission critical operations.

Some of our offerings on Windows 10

Smart Financial Services – Smart Financial Services is an interactive, point-of-use app for banks in provisioning essential services such as financial planning, loans. Interoperable framework provides front and back-end bank associates the required tools to service customers on-demand integrating various decision-making points for essential services such as financial planning (e.g. risk appetite, investment horizon, income etc.), in loan vetting, approval process by seamless integration and information exchange.

Advisory Services – Advisory Services app integrates existing silo systems and their data to empower advisors with real-time client and market data to provide superior advisory services and cross- & up-sell opportunities. Using Microsoft’s powerful platform that can be customized and scaled, the app can integrate with existing systems and also streamline processes, data and content flow between sales, marketing and product groups. Powerful data integration tools provide financial institutions with the ability to perform continuous re-engineering to achieve optimal operational and growth efficiencies.

Business Intelligence Solutions – iLink’s BI Solutions on Windows 10 include custom dashboards, real-time visualization of customer & sales data and trends, operational metrics and KPIs.

Online & Mobile Financial Solutions – As customers are expecting 24/7 access to their account information and other banking functions, iLink helps banking & financial institutions develop a custom Windows 10 application that will help them leap ahead of competition.


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